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PLEASE NOTE: After 2020, some of the hip, modern browsers will be phasing out Flash completely, rendering these games unplayable unless you use another program. You'd better play them quick before they're obsolete! (Honestly though, I don't know why they don't just keep the ability to play Flash around for a bit longer. It can't be that hard. I still use loads of sites with Flash, so this is quite annoying for me because some of them might never upgrade to something newer.)

Here is a list of links to some of the games I used to play online as a child. A lot of them are Barbie games archived on the Wayback Machine. I spent many hours on these games as a child, before I owned a gaming console or any electronic device of my own. This page is also useful for me, because whenever I want some nostalgic games I don't have to spend hours digging through the Wayback Machine to find them! When I initially made this page I didn't edit it, so some of the link tags were broken because I forgot to close them correctly!

When I was younger I was obsessed with Barbie and the Barbie website. I managed to find loads of hidden links on the site, they're still saved in my old Google Chrome favourites too. Actually, I still have most of my Barbie stuff (except my DVDs) and I still collect the dolls because I really love them still.

A random games site that contains a lot of old Barbie games (Please note, there are some rubbish games that aren't from the actual Barbie site too)

Pixel Chix Jammin Hamster (This is not the original site it was on) I completed this game in 2006 or 7, and it's actually still a really fun game to play today.

MyScene Shopping Spree

MyScene Beauty Studio (It's funny, the advert at the top of this archived page is for a game I also used to love!)

MyScene Freebies (I had a wallpaper from this page when I was younger)

MyScene Fashion Designer

MyScene Room Makeover

Polly (The intro video is so nostalgic!)

Polly Wheels (Fun fact: I think I still have my two Polly Wheels cars somewhere.)

Barbie's Garden

Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses Game (I had the doll of this film and the DVD) EDIT: This doesn't work because when you try to type in a name it goes "No naughty words" no matter what you use. I'm just keeping it on this page anyway because it has this super tiny version of the film trailer you can watch.

Barbie as the Island Princess webpage (I also had two of the dolls and the DVD of this film) Please note: Some of it doesn't work, if it gets stuck in a loading loop, just reload the page.

Barbie Mini Kingdom Princess Dressup (I don't know why I keep saying this, but I also had one of the dolls the game featured. I still have it, as well as all of my Barbie dolls.)

Barbie Superstar Makeovers

Barbie Fashion Fever Hot Looks

Barbie Fashion Fever Styled by Me (This game is also glitched and keeps saying that I'm typing in naughty words.)

Barbie Cali Girl Horse Adventure (I have a doll and a horse from this line!) Oh dear, this one also has a glitched naughty word filter. :(

Barbie American Idol Karaoke (A couple of years ago I purchased a doll from this line too.) This game has also glitched out! :(

Here is a page of more Barbie games that I used to love. I've played literally everyone featured here, and it would take forever for me to list them all separately.

Skywire 2 (I used to play this on Moshi Monsters, but this is the original site it came from)

Bratz Babyz Fish Tank (You can kill the fish in this game and flush them down the loo)

Bratz Makeover (I haven't thought about this game in years, but I think this copy of the game is glitched so I can't play it.)

Barbie Snip and Style Salon (Archived on GirlsGoGames, a site I used to use a lot, but not for Barbie games.)

"Cute Salon" I can't remember what site I used to play this on. I used to love this game even though it's in a language (I think Korean) I cannot understand.

Style Kaya's Phone I have no idea why I liked this game because it's actually quite boring. All of the phones on it are a bit dated compared to today's phones, but they look really nice.

Nerdy Girl Makeover This game is actually quite boring too. GirlsGoGames has a lot of games that are almost carbon copies of this, but I used to love them.

Polly's Hair Stylin Salon (Archived on GirlsGoGames)

Nail Studio This game is also a bit boring, it's advertising a cool nail varnish maker toy that honestly actually looks really cool. It's just a shame that I'm rubbish at applying nail varnish now...

Even though this website shut down eight years ago and most of the games from it are unplayable, I'd like to give a special mention to I was really sad when it shut down and there were lots of people who wanted it back. Unfortunately nobody ever made a private server for it, so it forever remains lost. The only game I can find from it right now is Jammin Hamster, which was originally from another website anyway. R.I.P, BarbieGirls. I'll probably dedicate a full page to it one day.

Also, does anybody remember Build A Bearville? That game was so fun and there were loads of things to do on it. I even got my real Build A Bear in the game to play with using some special code. The URL got sold off or something, but I think someone's bought it and put old Bearville stuff on it now. Click here to check it out.