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Hi. Looking at this site's title, you would expect my name to be Misty. However, that is not my real name. It's just a short version of a name I got from an MLP name generator years ago. On most other sites, my username is some variation of "strangepigeon". Why? Because I like pigeons.

This page used to be a lot more detailed, but I just deleted it all because I wasn't happy with it. Talking about myself is fun, but it's not very good to give out too many personal details online. Plus, there is no guarantee that any of them could be true. I might say that I'm a young female, when in reality I could be a man in his mum's basement.

I will now present you with a few fun facts about me, the creator of this site.

1. One of my favourite foods is pesto.

2. I have a cat who is probably my best friend.

3. My age is somewhere between 1 and 100 years.

4. I really like computers but find anything other than HTML and CSS too complicated.

5. I absolutely despise maths and science.

6. My lucky number is three, due to a very personal reason that I cannot share.

Even though there isn't really much info about me here, I'm sure if someone looked around my website and read all my blog posts, they could probably deduce a lot about who I am and what my life is like.