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Hi. Looking at this site's title, you would expect my name to be Misty. However, that is not my real name. It's just a short version of a name I got from an MLP name generator years ago. On most other sites, my username is some variation of "strangepigeon". Why? Because I like pigeons.

This page used to be a lot more detailed, but I just deleted it all because I wasn't happy with it. Talking about myself is fun, but it's not very good to give out too many personal details online. Plus, there is no guarantee that any of them could be true. I might say that I'm a girl, when in reality I could just be a man in his mum's basement.

Basic Facts About Me

Real Name: ??????????????????
Age: ???????????????
Country: England (I am currently living abroad due to unfortunate circumstances)
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: ????????????
Eye Colour: ?????????????????
Favourite Colours: Purple, turquoise, blue, black, pink
Favourite Food: Pesto
Favourite Animal: Cat
Favourite Music: Mainly dance music, especially eurodance. I just like anything that sounds good, I don't care about the meanings of the lyrics.
Favourite Film: I have no idea.
Favourite TV Series: I have absolutely no idea.
Favourite Song: I don't have one, I like too many songs.
Favourite Game: I don't know, maybe something like the Sims 2 or Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Favourite Otome Game: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
Hobbies: Baking, web browsing, otome games, collecting Barbie dolls

Other Random Facts

1. I own two kittens. My old cat died last year, he was almost seventeen.
2. I'm scared of dead birds.
3. I'm also scared of aeroplane toilets.
4. I am a cheap skate, and I am extremely good at getting good deals on stuff.
5. My lucky number is three.

Other Ways to Find Me Online

Virtual Popstar
Xbox Live: itsdehhhhhhh
PSN: strangepigeon333

If you type in the username "strangepigeon" on a random website, there is a chance that you'll find my account. It's alright if you send me a message somewhere, but please keep in mind that sometimes, I do not see them until a few months later.

... That is the end of the page. I update this quite often (usually out of embarrassment), so if you check back in a few months, I'm sure you'll find some other strange facts about me.