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This page is about the admin of Misty's World. If you want to learn more about the site, click here. The original version of this page was way too detailed and rambly so I did a little bit of streamlining to make it better.

Basic Facts About Me

Name: Misty/strangepigeon (both fake names, obviously)

Age: ???????????????

Gender: Female

Lucky Number: 3

Nationality: British

Languages: English (obviously), also a bit of Japanese (I am better at listening than reading), and a tiny bit of French and Korean

Hobbies: Internet browsing, video games, reading, baking, going on random walks, theme parks, cats

Favourite Foods: Pesto, sushi, pasta, pizza, crispy aromatic duck, pasties, curry, mainly savoury stuff. I do enjoy some sweet things, but some stuff is way too sickly for me. My favourite desserts are rice pudding, cookies and cream flavoured ice cream, chocolate brownies, Victoria sponge cake, Bakewell tarts, pumpkin pie, red velvet cake and gingerbread men. I like chocolate flavoured things better than actual chocolate, because regular chocolate has so many calories in one tiny cube. In my fridge I have a lot of old, uneaten chocolate. My favourite drink is Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper, but I mainly just drink water.

Favourite Film: ???????

Favourite Books: I don't read that much (I got too obsessed with finishing as many books as possible), but I've always loved the Harry Potter series. I'm also a big fan of Jacqueline Wilson, I grew up with her stuff and I still read it to this day. Back when I read light novels, I absolutely adored Hataraku Maou-sama/The Devil is a Part Timer. Recently I have been reading a lot of manga, but only stuff that I watched the anime of first.

Favourite Band: BIGBANG, also I really like Gorillaz, but I haven't been catching up with their stuff lately...

Favourite Music: My favourite genres are bubblegum dance, eurodance, eurobeat and some older K-pop. I like listening to new stuff, I don't really care if the lyrics or deep or not, I just want it to sound good. I love anything that sounds electronic, it makes me feel things for some reason. Currently, my favourite band is BIGBANG. (if you want to see what I'm listening to right now, check my For most of my life I just listened to whatever was on the radio, until about 2015, when I felt that pop music was starting to get bad. Then I started listening to J-pop, then general radio-friendly EDM, then I transitioned into 100% dance music. I hardly ever listen to slow songs, for some reason I prefer upbeat stuff. K-pop is a genre I listen to a lot, I find it interesting, but most of the modern stuff just doesn't do it for me.

Favourite TV Shows: I don't know. The only thing I watch is Riverdale but it's terrible and annoys me. (Do not ask me why I keep watching it)

Favourite Anime: I don't watch anime that much any more (unless it's really good), but my favourites are Ouran High School Host Club, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Durarara.

Favourite Video Games: If you couldn't tell already, I love otome games. My favourites are Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Diabolik Lovers, Hakuouki and Norn9. I also have a soft spot for some of the more underrated titles like Period Cube, Sweet Fuse and PsychicEmotion6. Mainly I like simulation games. Bonus points if they have romance. A problem I have with a lot of games is that all the big ones seem to be shooters with boring apocalypse themes. I cannot find literally any games aimed directly at girls (that aren't otome) which involve stuff like fashion and that. My favourite (non otome) games include The Sims 2, Rune Factory 4, Pokemon Black (my save file has more than 300 hours clocked in), Animal Crossing, Dance Dance Revolution (I also play In the Groove and Stepmania) and Stardew Valley. My favourite consoles to play on are usually handhelds like the PS Vita or Switch Lite.

Favourite Characters: I have too many. I get romantically interested in too many characters, and then I spend hours daydreaming about a relationship with them. My all time number one husbando is Subaru Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers, but I feel guilty because I haven't listened to all his drama CDs or played all the DiaLovers games because it's too expensive to import them all!

I suppose I'll write a few more random facts down here.

I am very, very, very shy. It takes a lot for me to actually reach out and send someone a message. You can send me an email, but I turn notfications off so I probably won't read it for a while. I get some kind of adrenaline rush when I send someone a message or write a comment, it's weird. In fact, I don't even like reading back what I write. That's why I never edit my blog posts.

My writing is also too verbose at times and I often repeat the same words, like "honestly", "really", "very", "to be honest" and "I". It's difficult for me to express myself in writing without writing loads. Apparently I'm supposed to be gifted at reading and writing. I'm certainly not gifted in maths or science. A lot of people like stuff with numbers, but I'm awful with them and I can't get the motivation to try and improve.

Traditional pink, glittery "girly" things are my favourites. At one point in my life I was under the impression that it was stupid to like girly things, so I'm making up for it now. It's a shame because it feels like it's less popular to be a "girly girl". There aren't even many girl orientated video games around. I wish I could accessorise this place with more glittery GIFs, but I keep forgetting. I've tried to make my own in Photoshop, but I can never quite get it right.

This is the end of the page. I don't know what else to say about myself.

Ways to Find Me Online

Virtual Popstar
Xbox Live: itsdehhhhhhh
PSN: strangepigeon333

If you type in the username "strangepigeon" on a random website, there is a chance that you'll find my account. It's alright if you send me a message somewhere, but please keep in mind that sometimes, I do not see them until a few months later.