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Are you bored? I was too, when I wrote this sentence. Hopefully these interesting websites will cure your boredom.

PLEASE NOTE: I compiled this list ages ago, so some of the sites might either be dead, or they require something unsupported like Flash.

Here's a page that is full of links to old flash games from my childhood.

Your number one guide to the world's happiest music! I didn't know what Bubblegum Dance was before finding this site, but after reading about it I discovered that I've regularly listened to a lot of it without realising.

Eurobeat Prime

A very interesting website and database all about Eurobeat. There's even a forum there too.

Windows Media Player Skins

Microsoft seemed to have deleted all of the Windows Media Player skins off of their site, but you can still find them all on this archived page! There are so many cool skins, like a Gorillaz one for example. I remember I used to use the Kenwood one years ago because it looked like those fancy stereos people had in their cars.

The Internet Archive

If you haven't visited this site yet, you are missing out on a lot! This site archives websites from the past, and lets users view them for free! It's a wonderful site for people like me who are interested in the history of the internet! Some games might be a bit glitchy, or hang on the loading screen, however, but that doesn't really matter! You can also find old software and music on here.

Kiss or Gossip

An interesting Neocities page about an otome game based off of Gossip Girl that I believe you cannot play any more. As well as being a cool otome site, I really like the layout and the general design of this website. Even though the game is gone, there are videos of each route on the site so that you can technically still play it. It's great to see other otome fans on Neocities, I didn't really know that they existed before.

Otome Obsessed

A very interesting and useful website about otome games. There are so many useful walkthroughs on here for literally any otoge you can think of. It's updated fairly regularly too.

The Eurodance Encyclopedia

An extremely detailed database all about eurodance. It is such an interesting site, I could spend hours there. It's also updated regularly to this date, which is good.

Arcadia Online

A little side project that I probably spent too much time on. It's a fansite for one of my favourite otome games, Period Cube. Not many people talk about it so I wanted to make a page for it. Plus, I just needed an excuse to make another website and practice my CSS.

The Chikage Kazama Fanlisting

A fanlisting for the very handsome Hakuoki character Chikage Kazama. I had no idea that stuff like this existed, but I'm very glad that it does.


WinWorld is a site which has many downloads for vintage and abandoned software, including development ISO files for previous versions of Windows. There are even games on there, including the first two Fallout games (The first one wouldn't work for me, though.). WinWorld's forum has existed since 2003. The design of the site also looks really nice, and reminds me of websites from the past.

Space Email

It's a site where you recieve random emails from anonymous people. You can send them too. Some of the messages that have been sent are quite sad, others will make you laugh and some just make no sense.

Alluring Eyes

A fansite dedicated to the character Ikki from the Amnesia series. Everything about this page is just so pretty! I wish I could design sites as pretty as this one.

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Patch

A link to a fan translation patch for the first Diabolik Lovers game on the PS Vita, something that will probably never get officially localised. A lot of talented translators worked really hard on this, and they did a great job. (I actually helped proofread a bit of this too, if you see "strangepigeon6" listed on the credits, that's me.)

Glitter Graphics

This website has a whole library of sparkly graphics from the 2000s that you can use on your website or MySpace page. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been updated for years though.

Blinkie Generator

Have you ever wanted to create your own blinkies? Well you can here, and you don't need any fancy graphics software or anything.

Motorway Services Online

OK, I know this site sounds really boring, but it's actually rather interesting. Well, it's interesting for me at least.

I found this site using the Bored Button. This is a simple card guessing game, but I have no idea how it knows what card I picked!

Listen to Wikipedia

Everytime a Wikipedia edit is made, a musical note will play. It's very relaxing to listen to, even if it is just random notes playing. When I first clicked on this site, I thought it was for listening to Wikipedia articles being read out loud.

BarbieGirls is Awesome

A fansite I used to visit years ago, about my favourite closed virtual world site.

A very old site that somebody made about otome games, long before they really started to get brought over to the West.

Lovely Designs

There are some really cute website graphics on this website.

Yahoo PageBuilder

I found this really old school looking page on the Yahoo Servers for their PageBuilder program that used to work with GeoCities.

This is an interesting website I found that was written by a teenage girl in 2005. She wrote a really cheesy self insert fanfiction that is quite entertaining to read.


Hyperlink used to be a webring, but now it's one massive shared website where "everyone can log in and shitpost on", I was told on Discord. I have a small place on there too, if you're interested in checking it out.


FriendProject is a social networking site that is a lot like MySpace. Well, at least I think it is. I've never actually used MySpace before.

Misty's Forum

Yes, I have a forum. I created it because I was bored one day. It's pretty outdated looking, but who cares?

The Eye

The Eye is a huge archive full of interesting files. The best part of it is that they have an entire archive of files available to members of the Microsoft Developer Network, which you normally have to pay to access.

MIT App Inventor

You can create Android apps using this without having to know any programming language! It's a bit like Scratch, but cooler.

The Toy Box Philosopher

This is one of my favourite blogs to read. The reviews are so thorough and just generally well written. It's been online for years, so there are plenty of posts to read.

Hinano's Game Babbles

This is my favourite otome blog. Like the blog above, it's been going for many years. There are so many reviews here, not just for localised otome, but Japan-exclusive ones too.

Marry Your Favourite Character Online!

It does exactly what the title says. Perfect for those people who are in love with someone who's not real.

Gorillaz Website Archive

Somebody managed to archive most of the games and pages from the Gorillaz website of 2001. Most of it doesn't work on a modern browser though.

For some reason I really like this website. It hasn't had an update in forever, though.

The 90s Button

A website with a magical button that plays a random song from the 90s with each click.

Ruins and Templates of GeoCities

An interesting article I found about GeoCities. It may interest you if you're interested in the 90s Internet or something like that.

Kattis Dolls

An informative website that can help you with identifying Barbie face sculpts and bodies. I just like looking at the pictures.


This website, run by the people who own the Internet Archive, is a search engine where you can find GIFs archived from old GeoCities pages. It's very useful if you run a site like mine. I've found quite a few GIFs from there that I have used on my site. GIFCities does a better job at finding old Internet GIFs than Google Images does.

Escargot MSN Server

The Escargot MSN Server enables people to still use old, discontinued versions of MSN Messenger in 2017! It also has a really nice community, who all communicate using the Messenger Geek forum. I also believe that support for Windows Live Messenger will be coming soon!

Yahoo! Japan Blogs

UPDATE: THIS PLACE IS CLOSING IN DECEMBER OF 2019, SO VISIT IT QUICK BEFORE IT'S GONE!!!!! If you want to use a blogging platform that isn't as well known out of Japan, you could try this site. The themes you can choose are pretty cool, but I don't think you get to customise your blog and make it like your own website. Users get 10GB of space for their blog. If you don't speak Japanese, Google Chrome translates webpages for you. Setting up an account requires you to complete a CAPTCHA in Japanese, however...

Pimp That Snack

This website shows you how to make massive versions of popular sweets and snacks. Everything on here looks so tasty...

Windows 93

This site is crazy. It's like a full parody version of Windows in your web browser! It reminds me of Microshaft Winblows 98.

"Misty World"

I found this when I was trying to see if my site would pop up on Google. I think it's meant to be a social network, but I'm too scared to create an account because it looks shady. It looks like it was created with Wix.

Run Windows 95 in Your Browser

Somebody actually managed to set up a website that allows you to run an entire operating system in one browser window. It hasn't worked for me yet, since I tried it on a fairly slow computer, but it has worked for others!

This site is where I found the music that you hear on this page, and the homepage. They have a giant library of MIDI versions of popular songs, and each one is available as an MP3 file, which I found really useful, as for some reason it won't work when I try to play MIDIs on my site. Most mainstream songs are available on here. Doesn't everything sound better when it's a MIDI?

AIM Phoenix

A server for AIM which allows you to use old versions of AIM after the servers get shut down at the end of 2017. (If you wanna add me on it, my username is strangepigeon.)

It's just... Derpy. Actually, this page would make a great "Not Found" page.

Your World of Text

An infinite wall of text that anyone can edit. I used it to make a shameless advertisement for my website.

95 is Alive

"For those who refuse to let go of good old Windows 95."