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Welcome to the Archive, where you can access older versions of this site and other pages that I have created.

Misty's World Homepage Archive (On the WayBack Machine)

Internet Discoveries (My First Blog) Archive (Also on the WayBack Machine)

My first page on GeoCities Japan (WayBack Machine Again!)

Archives of the GeoCities version of Misty's World (WayBack Machine)

Beware! The below websites were created when I was quite young, so watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes!

Popit Virtual World, my first ever site, from around 2011-12

Popit Platinum, a terrible spin off of Popit

Water World, another spin off from Popit, conceived during a visit to Chessington World of Adventures

BONUS: My old Blingee account from 2012!

My Stardoll Account, which I've had since 2011, but I've been playing the game since 2006. Well, I don't really play too often anymore, but I come back every now and then to keep my rare stuff from being deleted, and because it's fun.