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You are feeling very confused right now.

"Wait...? I thought this site was shut down!"

Yes, I did shut this site down. But then I thought that it would be a waste to delete everything. So I kept some of the files up, and made a basic homepage saying "Misty's World is now dead, goodbye!" But then I thought maybe it would be nice to just leave everything up, so people of the future can witness this place in all its glory.

One of the other reasons I brought this site back was because I found that some people were using the buttons I made (Thank you so much!!), and I thought it would be nice if others could find the original files here. I don't know if I deleted my buttons page or not, but hopefully people can still find them. In short, I just wanted to claim credit and fame for something. That is all. Misty's World will no longer be receiving any updates. Some of the pages are broken, but I'm not going to do anything about it!

I made a new site, and you can find it by clicking here.

Yes, I know my new site uses the same colours and feels almost like a carbon copy of this place, but I promise it's different!

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