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Hello, random web surfer! Welcome to my little slice of the Web, Misty's World! It doesn't look like much, but that's because I am not 100% fluent in the language of HTML yet. Feel free to look around and even write something in my guestbook if you're feeling generous. There's also a few buttons (that I made with MS Paint) that you can place on your very own site, so you can give me some free advertising!

This site was originally hosted on Geocities.jp, but nobody knew it existed. Now, with the power of NeoCities, my site has become more popular than I expected! Not much of the original site is left there now. Back then, it was just a couple of pages with maybe one or two images.

This entire site has been created on my little Windows XP netbook from 2010. I actually use it more than my newer, much faster laptop! If you want to read a really long description of every single electronic device I own, click on the "My Devices" button at the top of the page!

At the bottom of each page is a really huge collection of website buttons that I have been collecting ever since I migrated to Neocities in the summer of 2017. Most of them link to some totally radical sites that you should check out! I really like buttons, but it takes ages to insert them onto each page of my website, so one day I'm gonna have to make a separate HTML frame just for them!

Anyway, you're probably bored of reading this. Go and explore my site! If anything doesn't work properly, or if you find any dead links, don't hesitate to write something on my Neocities profile! I go on here almost everyday, so I won't miss it!

If you have recently noticed a slow down in new content for this website, that is because I am running out of ideas. It's almost like I have the website creator's version of writer's block. I've made all of the pages I've wanted to make so far. I would implement more CSS onto every page, but I'm too lazy to do that. I'm sure I'll think of more page ideas soon! :)

Please Note: A few pages on this site automatically play music, but the music doesn't start unless you reload the page. Turn your volume down if you don't want to hear any of this!

Also Note: I like to use commas a lot and try to use words that I think sound fancy, just to seem smart. These words actually make me sound really stupid.

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NEWS: Misty's World apologises for the lack of interesting updates on this site. Something good will come up soon, hopefully.

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