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Welcome to the new, revamped home page of Misty's World! It may not look very different from the original version, but this time it uses an external CSS file, something I did not use before. CSS is a very hard thing to configure, I had to use many online tutorials to get everything to look just right. All of it went straight through my head, I doubt I'd be able to remember any of it!

The navigation bar was going to be vertical, but I had to make it horizontal since it wouldn't align with this text. The external style sheet will save a lot of work, since on the old site I had to copy and paste the styling into every single page! All of the old site will still be there, for archive purposes.

Every single page from the old site will not be converted over, I am going to remake it all. This new CSS upgrade occured a year after the site was first uploaded onto Neocities. Maybe every year I could give the site a makeover? That would be a good idea.

Enjoy the new and improved Misty's World! Just remember that it is still under construction! If there is a favourite page of yours that hasn't been remade, you can still access it from the Archive page. Have fun! :)

News: I've officially run out of ideas for this place.