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Hello, random web surfer! Welcome to my little slice of the Web, Misty's World! It doesn't look like much, but that's because I am not 100% fluent in the language of HTML yet. The site now has over 13,000 views! Most of those views are probably from me looking at this site.

This site is always under construction. Most of the time I cannot think of anything to put on here, so often the only updates will be on the news bar that is near the bottom of this page. If you have any feedback to give me, just write a little note in my guestbook! :D

Misty's World is made up of hardly any CSS, it's about 99% raw HTML coded from scratch. The site displays fine on literally any browser. I've viewed it on my phone, my tablet, both of my Xboxes, my Wii and even my DSi XL that can hardly display any webpage properly. Here's a fun fact for you: Most of this site was coded on an laggy old Windows XP netbook from 2010!(Update: That netbook has now been upgraded to Windows 7.)

Don't forget to check out my blog! It's accessable from the navigation bar at the top of the page. The blog is powered by Blogger, so it is technically separate from this site.

You're probably bored of reading this now. Go and explore my site. Have fun! :)

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NEWS: Misty's World is a year old, and practically dead.

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