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Oh dear, why did I not notice? This site has now gotten over 31,000 views! That's a massive number! Thank you to everybody who has visited this place! I couldn't of made it without you!

Welcome to Misty's World, my very own, hand coded home page! Sometimes this site goes through new content droughts, but there's still plenty of stuff here that should keep you interested. This site was originally hosted on GeoCities Japan, until I moved it over to NeoCities on the 9th of July, 2017, which is the official birthday of this website.

Here I just make pages about stuff that interests me. The blog is where you can find a continuous stream of updates from me, the about page basically just tells you about me and my site, and the links page is great if you're bored and you want to go somewhere else. There's also all of the other pages that contain stuff that you may find interesting.

If you're wondering why the title of this page is "Misty's World 2.0", it's because the original version of this site didn't use CSS style sheets, until I eventually updated it to this version which looks a lot better. If you want to see what the old version looked like, go to the navigation bar and click "archive".

Oh, guess what? If you go onto NeoCities and click "websites" and scroll down just a little bit, you'll find my site! That's right, I made it to the first page! Thank you to everybody who viewed this site, I wouldn't be here if you hadn't had visited this place! I feel famous now! Let's just hope that the fame doesn't go to my head...