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Welcome to Misty's World! This site used to have a lot more to it, but I am currently in the middle of renovating things. The renovations will be quite slow, as I don't have as much free time anymore.

Misty's World was started sometime in 2017 on GeoCities Japan (this was before they shut it down for good). I didn't really know what I wanted to do with the site, except that I wanted somewhere to practice my HTML skills. Nobody visited the place then except for me. Eventually I got annoyed with the random adverts Yahoo kept putting all over my site, so I decided to move. Someone on this old blog I used to run suggested Neocities, so I moved there. Throughout its time on Neocities, Misty's World received many updates and more views than I ever expected. I also started a fairly unpopular Blogger blog. For most of its time, the site was coded almost entirely in HTML. Eventually I had to add some more CSS to make things easier.

About a year ago, my work on Misty's World slowed down. I didn't really know what to do with the site anymore, so I abandoned it. I didn't have the time nor the motivation to add anything new. But all that has changed. My interest in this site has returned! And even though I still don't have the time to work on this website much, I want to keep it active. So I decided to return to Misty's World for good! I decided to delete a lot of the old pages, so this site is lacking a lot of the content it had before. (If you want to see what this site was like before, check the WayBack Machine.) But I want to slowly add more things as time goes on. I'll still be updating my blog, too!

Thank you for visiting my site, and please check back soon for more updates!

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