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Welcome to the Chamber. This page is sort of like a mini blog. Yes, I know I already own a proper blog, but this place is for small updates that don't belong there. The design of this page is currently under construction!

Moshi Monsters is closing in December!!!!! I was wondering if it was going to die. This announcement is so soon though! I'm planning to play and record it for YouTube so that the gameplay is forever archived. I wish I could be on it until its last moment, but it closes at midday for some reason, not midnight like 90% of virtual worlds.

I still have most of my Moshi Merchandise in one of my parent's houses. It was such a big part of my life at one point, and it never really left me. I still think about it quite often. I'll make a Moshi nostalgia blog post eventually. I had six accounts and there are so many messages from old friends who I've long since moved away from. I never watched the film at all but I still had loads of Moshling figures, books, magazines and I had the membership for quite a long time. I really don't expect a fan to make a new server for it because it's simply not as popular as stuff like Club Penguin.

The closure email says that you can still have Moshi fun on their new apps, but they're just aimed at little kids. I suppose the main site is aimed at kids too though.

I'm not in tears because of this news however, because all good things must come to an end eventually. At least it lasted longer than other people's childhood sites, like Club Penguin and that. This is the third one of my old virtual worlds that has shut, along with Barbiegirls and Build A Bearville. I just hope that Stardoll doesn't go anytime soon. I have so many rare items on there. I also have a lot of rare Moshi items too.

Moshi Monsters gave me a lot of fond memories. At school my friends and I used to trade Moshling figures, and we even had a Moshi club. When I think about the site, it just reminds me of spending time at my dad's house on my netbook, 4Music on in the background. It's so strange, because a few years ago Moshi Monsters was EVERYWHERE. I ate Moshi pasta, Moshi sweets, Moshi cupcakes (from a recipe magazine) and even Moshi chocolate. It was in the music charts, at school, in the cinema, on your DS and literally everywhere in my local Tesco. I don't know if it was very popular out of the UK, but I did see some of the toys for sale abroad.

RIP Moshi Monsters. You will be missed, and I'll probably never forget about you. It's very hard to when I was once absolutely obsessed with it. It's funny, it was only the other day that I went back to it to play the ice cream game. Maybe I cursed it somehow.

Yesterday I tried to play archived games from the old site, but they wouldn't work. I wish that had been archived somehow, because it was such a well made site with some great games on it.

Frozen 2 is out soon and I sort of want to see it. I liked the first film when I first watched it in 2013, a pirated copy on my friend's CRT monitor. Still, I always felt that something was missing from it. I think that the plot was just a bit empty. Like Elsa just runs away and sings Let it Go and hides in her castle, but then you don't really see her do much at all after that, you don't really see her struggle that much or anything. She doesn't really have that much interaction with Anna either. I love the songs and the animation in Frozen, but I just feel that the plot's really rubbish. Hopefully the second film will be much better.

I used to really love Double Lollies and Love Hearts as a child, but today I came to the conclusion that Drumsticks are the best Halloween sweet. It's funny, because I used to think that they were really sickly.

I don't usually watch anime, but recently I've been watching Dance With Devils, simply because I wanted to play the otome version of it. Although a couple of the musical numbers are a bit cheesy, I've had so much fun with this series. It's just really enjoyable to watch. Maybe I'll even write a review of it when I'm done.

Meanwhile, I'm neglecting all of my mobile otome games. I'm so close to finishing Arthur's route in Ikemen Vampire, but I really just can't be bothered to get my iPod Touch out and play it right now.

Today I re-played Code: Realize, but I just skipped through most of the common route and went onto Saint-Germain's route. When I played it before, I turned the voice acting off, because I had accidentally created character voices in my head and it felt weird hearing them speaking differently. This time I turned the sound on, and I am very glad I did. All of the voice actors did such a wonderful job with this game.

I am also about to create a Windows Vista virtual machine. Why? Because I actually have a lot of nostalgia for it, and I just feel like messing around with something.

I seem to spend more time on the Internet reading video game discussions than actually playing them. Right now I don't actually have anything to play, but even when I did, I still spent more time on my PC instead.

I have been grinding for Swagbucks lately, it's sort of become and obsession/hobby. I want to be able to buy a whole otome game with them, although it's going to take an awfully long time. Yes, I could just spend actual money, but I'm cheap. At first I thought that I'd never be able to earn anything from this site, but it's actually really easy. The other day I typed in "I NEED MONEY" into the Swagbucks search and it randomly gave me four SBs. There's a massive wishlist of games I want to buy, but they're mainly Japanese-only ones. That means that they're sometimes super difficult to understand, but I still have fun with them anyway!

I keep seeing all these pretty otome themed sites with such lovely themes and banner images. It makes me want to revamp my own site again, except this time it'll have cute pastel colours and GIFs instead of the dark glitter bomb that it currently is. I'm itching to go on Photoshop and create some web graphics right now, except my laptop is at home, so I can't. :(

Since this "Chamber" page has a different theme to the rest of the site, it makes things a bit inconsistent, but who really cares?