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Welcome to the Chamber. This page is sort of like a mini blog where I ramble for ages about things ranging from general life problems to the anime I watched yesterday.


I am planning on making a new site! This time, I think I'll make it with Adobe Dreamweaver. I've always wanted to try that program out. Nothing beats creating a website from scratch with Notepad, but my CSS is a bit rusty cause I don't update Misty's World much anymore. I'm thinking of abandoning this site for good. It's clear that I've lost interest in it. Also, this place reminds me of an awkward period in my life where I did nothing but sit on the computer after school until my parents came home. The majority of my teenage years were spent like this. Not all of it was wasted time, but it makes me feel a bit sad when I look back on it. Even though there were reasons why I spent so much time online, I wish that I had done more real life things. Misty's World feels like a time capsule of my old self, it doesn't really match my personality anymore. That is why I feel it's time to finally move on. It was fun, but I want to do other things now.


I want to learn Italian so badly, but I don't think my brain can handle it right now. I just think it sounds so pretty. When I went to Italy I should've taken advantage and tried to learn it then. The only words I learnt from that holiday were "uscita" and "grazie". Is it weird that the main reason why I wanted to learn it was because of a manga I read?


Yesterday I uploaded some rare eurodance/eurobeat songs onto my YouTube channel. Yes, I know uploading other people's songs is bad, but these songs I cannot seem to find anywhere else on the Internet. One of the songs you can't even get unless you are lucky enough to remember the artist's webpage and find it on the Wayback Machine. I like uploading rare things to give other people the chance to experience them. Otherwise they might become lost media. Here is my channel if you are interested.


I was tired and wasn't thinking straight, so I made a massive mistake that has ruined part of my school career. I had an issue with one of those digital textbook subscription things, and somehow it lead to me accidentally dropping my class. (It is a very long story that I do not want to get into) But it's past the enrolment deadline for new classes, so I can't add my class back. So currently I am waiting for the customer support of the textbook company to give me a refund, and the school's office to email me back about my accidental dropping of the class. If only I had slept and eaten properly, I probably wouldn't have made this mistake. I even asked for help in my class Discord server but some idiot who keeps spamming JoJo memes just replied with this GIF saying "GET STICK BUGGED LOL". It sucks that I dropped my class, because it was a requirement for me. I could just take it next year, but there's another class I missed that I also have to take. I was really upset about this all yesterday, but now I'm going to try and look at it positively. Usually when I am feeling down, I just do something fun like watching anime, listening to music, or playing a video game. It seems to get my spirits up quite quickly. I suppose everyone makes mistakes sometimes. If the school won't let me back into my class, I will at least have more time to study for my other classes.

Why am I so obsessed with Dragon Ball right now?? It is literally all I think about from morning until night. Last year I read all of the manga until the end of Dragon Ball Z in TWO WEEKS. Then I read some of Dragon Ball Super, watched some of the films and sort of forgot about it a bit. Then I got my friend into it, and my obsession started up again. Now I am watching some of the anime, trying to watch the films, and even playing Xenoverse 2. I'll admit that I even got into reading DB X reader fanfictions. It's another case of me becoming interested in something that everybody's already seen years ago.

Yesterday I sat down and watched the original Broly film for the first time. It was good, but I think I prefer the newer Broly film. At least the ending theme was catchy. Broly seems more interesting in the 2018 film, in the 1993 version I don't think he had as much depth. But Dragon Ball is supposed to be about the fights, not so much the character development. I hope the second Broly film is good. I didn't know how many DBZ movies there were, all I paid attention to last year was the manga. I prefer to read manga cause I can get through the story quicker. But the quicker I get through the story, the more I forget the plot. There is a lot of the manga that I've forgotten, and it wasn't even a year ago when I finished it! Usually I tend to remember the character moments and relationships more than the actual fight scenes.

I have also tried to read and watch One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. I've put both on hold for a while because I have some other manga I have to get through first. I'm currently at around volume 14 of One Piece, and maybe volume 6 of Yu Yu Hakusho? I tried watching the anime of both, but only selected episodes of One Piece because there are just too many. Is it me, or did the Yu Yu Hakusho anime cut out a lot of the beginning chapters? I really liked the start of it, some of it was quite cute and it made me feel slightly emotional in places. But they just cut it out! Perhaps the writers just wanted to get to the fighting parts quicker. I actually wanted to see those parts animated, so I am slightly disappointed. Other than that, it's entertaining to watch.


Yesterday I wrote a long blog post for the first time in a while. I find that blog writing helps me write better for my university projects. After writing for my blog, I started the project and I just couldn't stop writing. In comparison to last term's eight page essay where it took me an hour to finish the introduction, it seemed to be so much easier to write. I am going to dedicate myself to blogging a lot more, even if the posts are meaningless to anyone but me.

Why is it that every single job I get seems to always require working weekends? I'm not being lazy or anything, it's just that when I am a full time student, I would like to have my weekend free to have a break. Unfortunately, none of my part time jobs seem to understand that. At the start of the year, I had no days off, I was either at school, working, or both. It was extremely tiring. There was this other part time job I applied for, but they called me back a YEAR after I applied. And they also want someone to work on weekends. I should really just be thankful that I have a job, but I just hate working weekends. Luckily I only have to work one day of the weekend, but it still sucks. I used to look forward to the weekends, but now they just make me feel sad.


What on Earth is an NFT?? I've only just found out about them. I've tried reading up on them, but they don't make sense. How do you buy them? Are they stored on your computer like normal files? What is the point of them??

I should really find something to write about for my blog again.


I managed to understand my first anime without English subtitles! It's Sailor Moon Crystal, and I am enjoying it a lot. It is the only anime I have ever been able to binge watch. A lot of people don't like this anime for some reason. Perhaps the 90s Sailor Moon anime is better? I've only seen a tiny bit of that one. But I like this new version a lot, even if the animation is a bit derpy at times.


Am I the only one who likes Haruka's part in Yakuza 5? I just finished it for the first time, and I liked it a lot more than I expected. Maybe I just like having a female protagonist for once. The idol stuff is actually fun, and the story's fairly decent (although in some parts it made me feel like I was watching a 2000s girls' cartoon). Near the end it hit me right in the feels, and I actually almost cried...? That's pretty rare for me. But then suddenly it went to the next part and the tone of the next cutscene flipped over 180 degrees. I think I like the plot of this game better than the last one. The last game's plot I just felt was OK, even though it had some elements I would usually like a lot.


I just added a new page called "The Husbando Hall of Fame". It took me quite a while to make, so I am very proud of it. I never made a page about my favourite bishounen before, so it was about time I did. I hope I don't delete it later out of embarrassment...

I was reading some of my old blog posts for fun. Some of them are bloody hilarious! Like this one where I basically say that K-pop is dumb. I wonder how the me of four years ago would feel about my opinions today? The amount of times I used to use commas is very scary, I'm glad I've tried to cut down on that now!


I installed Respondus Lockdown Browser on my computer for a test. Now my computer's going to be really slow cause that software's like malware. Even if you uninstall it the damage will never be undone...


When people ask me what city or town I am from, I have absolutely no idea how to respond. I know where I was born but I'm technically not from there, cause I never lived there. I've lived in so many places that I don't know what place is my "hometown". Not many people know the places that I lived in anyway, so I always have to explain where it is. I wish my accent wasn't foreign so people would stop asking me where I'm from! It gets tiring having to explain it all the time.


I want to play Ikemen Prince so badly and review it for my blog, but my iPod is too old to run it and it won't work on BlueStacks for some odd reason. (I could just play it on my phone but I don't want to do that...)

The Ikemen series is the only thing that gets my blog views, literally all of my top rated posts are about those games. The posts I am actually proud of don't even get that many views. I don't care about internet fame much anymore, but it would be nice if my blog would become more popular.


I'm not that satisfied with the design of my site any more. I feel it needs a bit more sparkle. Right now there's not any time for me to change it, but in September that'll all change. All of my university classes will be online, so I'll (hopefully) have plenty of time in between learning to edit my site. I'm quite excited for September cause it means I don't have to work as much. In the summer I always have to work a lot of shifts. I don't really mind working, it's just I miss having a bit more time to myself. Online classes aren't really my favourite, but I'll manage. It just gets really boring sitting at a computer for hours.


I played Smash Bros. for the first time in my life today. I don't know how I haven't played it before this. It's a lot different to a lot of the other fighting games I play. Most of the characters I didn't recognise, so I just played as Ken and Ryu cause I already knew some of their moves. It's quite fun, but I had no idea that you're supposed to knock your opponent off the stage instead of reducing their health bar. Perhaps I'll buy the game for myself one day, although I don't know how fun it would be single player.


Recently I decided to stop using I found that my obsession with getting everything scrobbled was ruining my enjoyment of music. I was so fixated on some pointless listening stats that nobody cares about. Who cares how many times I listened to one artist in three months? Who cares what my most listened to song is? Nobody, that's who. It just sucked when I wanted to listen to something somewhere that didn't support scrobbling and then I had to manually scrobble everything by typing in the song titles by myself. What a waste of time! I still decided to generate a final album collage for the past year's listening. I've attached it down below. For some reason's debut album always shows up when I rarely listen to it!

If you are interested in what I was listening to for the past few years, my username is "pigeonmaster707".


Why did I think it was a good idea to put my email on here? I haven't gotten any bad ones, but people sometimes send me stuff about my archive thing that I made on a whim while I was bored. I am so socially inept that I have difficulites answering emails. For some reason I am also experiencing a wave of junk email, except I don't think that's related to this place.


It seems like everything I've been listening to lately came out between 2008-10. I don't know why, the pop music from that era just sounds so cozy. Most of it does sound similar, like most music from the same era, but for some reason I just love the sound. It's probably just because it's nostalgic, but oh well. Late 2000s K-pop is especially fun to listen to. I don't know if anyone else listens to it as much as me. I don't even want to go back to 2009 or anything, I'm fine living in 2020, I just like the music better. A lot of 2020 music might have nice vocals and that, but the modern instrumentals I can't stand. Like why do so many songs use this weird squeaky sound effect (I can't really describe it any better, but hopefully you know what I mean)?? I'm trying to get used to the modern sound, but it's hard. A lot of songs I would like better if they just didn't have the same boring 2020 instrumentals. Like the other day I saw the MAMA awards performance of Treasure's I Love You, and they made it into an acoustic version. It sounded so pretty like that, I hope they release that as a remix on a future album or something.


Cheritz just announced a Mystic Messenger DLC which expands on Jumin's wonderful bad ending. Hopefully it's not too expensive and doesn't work in real time like the rest of the game. I may boot up my old phone just for this, because as you all know, I absolutely adore bad endings.


Does anyone else really hate video game save checkpoints? They're annoying when I only have limited time to play. It sucks when I really want to put the game down, but if I do I end up losing loads of progress. So I end up playing for way longer than I intended to. Yes, I know you can leave it running in the background but I hate doing that. One time I did that with my Xbox and forgot all about it, I opened some other game and realised that I lost about an hour of playtime.


I have searched online for ages, but nobody, nobody on this planet seems to be having the same issue as me. My iPhone 7 (which I only got a few months ago) keeps draining the battery super quickly, then, when the battery is low, the phone gets really hot in the lower area and starts going crazy. It just starts tapping random stuff on the screen. I try to type a message but it makes everything look like gibberish. It even messed up one of my video chats by doing random stuff like turning the microphone off. I know there are other iPhone 7 issues out there, but nobody seems to have this one. This happened before iOS 14 (or whatever the latest number is) but it wasn't as bad. I don't even use my phone that much, only for like a few calls and sometimes as a music player. I used to be addicted to the phone a few years ago, but I got over it somehow. I suppose I could take my phone into the Genius Bar, but it probably costs loads of money, they'll probably just tell me to upgrade, and there's coronavirus.

Has anyone else noticed that this page is somehow turning into my own social media profile/personal diary?


I am getting obsessed with something new again. And I am going through the initial phase where I'm embarrassed to even think about it or web search it. Oh dear. It'll completely dominate my thoughts for a few months until I move onto something else.


Last year I made it my goal to listen to every single BIGBANG song. (I don't count Japanese/English versions of existing songs, but I think I listened to all of them anyway. Plus I don't count solo stuff either cause I'm lazy.) I sort of almost made it, but I realised that there are a few I missed. Mainly Japanese releases that aren't easy to find, and a few really old ones that weren't on Spotify for some reason. The last song (I think) I had to listen to was Follow Me, hidden on one of their JP albums.

For some reason their early stuff I listen to a lot more. It has this sort of nostalgic feel to it even though I didn't even listen to it when it was brand new. I've technically been a VIP since around 2015, but I didn't bother to listen to their albums properly for a few years. I really just listened to the same few singles on repeat. Plus I felt a bit embarrassed for liking a "boy band", but now I don't care. The only reason I know BIGBANG is because I had these friends from China who showed me Fantastic Baby, and I was hooked. It sucks that I can't sing along to a lot of their songs cause my Korean is rubbish. I can do the Japanese ones well (especially Tell Me Goodbye), except the rap parts that aren't in English.

Out of all their songs, I will try to list my favourites, but their are way too many I like. Act Like Nothing's Wrong (it's called "Pretended" on Spotify for some reason) is probably my all time favourite, but it's a solo track so it doesn't really count. Haru Haru is really special to me, I remember my first listen and I absolutely fell in love with the sound. My Heaven is also a classic. Other honourable mentions are Still Alive, Fool, Until Whenever, Cafe, Ora Yeah, Forever With You, Oh Ma Baby, and basically all of their other songs. To be quite honest, I don't actually dislike any of their songs. When I first got into them I remember not liking We Like to Party that much, but it grew on me somehow.Even if they never released any new content, I would be happy with their massive discography. My favourite album of theirs I cannot choose, maybe one of their older EPs. A lot of people like MADE the best, while I do like it, I don't listen to it as much because I prefer their older, more R&B sound. Although Spotify really likes making me listen to it. I do listen to each member's solo projects, although I haven't listened to all of it. Listening to it all would mean that there would be less new things to discover. Mainly from the solo stuff I listen to Daesung's Japanese albums, they are all so good and somehow I can understand the lyrics easily. GD & T.O.P's album is also a favourite. I don't own anything on CD yet, but it would be nice to have it on my shelf. K-Pop CDs are so nicely packaged and come with nice additions, I know it's a ripoff to get more money out of crazy collectors, but I like them. In my music collection I own two J-Pop CDs, but nothing from Korea yet because it's all quite pricey.

I could write multiple essays about BIGBANG, but I will stop now. Trying to listen to all of their songs takes a while, I don't usually do this unless I really care about the artist. I had listened to about 90% of the Gorillaz discography (I couldn't be bothered with the unreleased stuff though), until their latest album came out and I couldn't be arsed to listen. It's probably good but I'm just too lazy. I think I've also listened to most of 2NE1's stuff, and Stray Kids as well (although I wasn't paying attention to their songs so I can only really remember their popular title tracks), plus Treasure even though they have like seven songs.

Listening to music has always been fun for me, but right now I'm going through a period where I'm discovering a lot of new stuff and I'm constantly checking my stats. It's fun, but I wish I didn't have to rely on streaming for it all.

UPDATE: Apparently I had no idea this song existed. I think it's from an advert, a bit like that other song, Stylish, and the two Lollipop singles. I like the rap in this one.


I am still absolutely obsessed with reading X reader fanfictions and imagines. Most of them are either too cringeworthy or not to my very specific and odd tastes, but they provide... inspiration. Literally the day I get interested in something new I'll hit the web to see how much self-insert content I can find for it. (And this is how I get plot details spoiled) People always talk about how they're all really awful and cringe, but I appreciate them quite a bit. I would never have the guts to post anything like that online. Plus it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets romantically obsessed with fictional characters. But I still feel embarrassed searching for it, like dead people are watching me and judging my life choices.


I had absolutely no idea that lip balm collecting was a thing! Back in the day (like, six years ago) I was obsessed with them and all the different flavours. I thought I was the only one, but nope. Other people have massive collections that I could only dream of. But isn't it a bit of a waste? How is one going to use up all that lip balm? I forget that if I have a weird interest, I'm probably not going to be alone. Someone out there is also going to care about it.


When I was small, I used to be addicted to the music channel on TV. I'd watch it every morning when I woke up, along with something else like Pokemon. It used to be really exciting when my favourite song happened to come on. Nowadays I can watch anything I want with YouTube or whatever, but it still felt more special doing it the old way. It's probably just the rose trimmed spectacles talking though.

Today happens to be the birthday of my best boy Subaru Sakamaki. I don't really know how you celebrate the birthday of a fictional character. I could make a cake, I suppose. I just relistened to his drama CD again for the billionth time and listened to his character songs. Even though I get obssessed with new characters all the time, Subaru'll always be my favourite. I'm not that familiar with his voice actor, but when I do hear him play someone else, that character will end up being a favourite.

And here is my favourite CG of Subaru. It's my PSP's wallpaper because I love it so much.


The localisation of Steam Prison is coming to the Switch. I heard about this game before but wasn't really interested since I don't really care about PC games. But I'm glad the Switch is getting more localised otome. When it comes out I'll maybe get it, but it sounds like it's going to be a long read. Before I enjoyed long games, but nowadays I've read so much otome that I am officially burnt out.


I have Piofiore, a brand new otome localisation that I've been hyping up for months, but for some reason my will to keep playing it has dropped. It's not like it's a bad game, it has excellent bad endings and the plot is interesting. But I feel I'm burnt out with visual novel type games for now. It doesn't help that I happened to buy another game a day before my copy of Piofiore arrived, and I sort of got a bit too obsessed with it. Right now I'm near the end of Yang's route, it's a good route, Yang's a great character, but the incentive to finish it off it is 0% right now. Even though there's a game with plenty of romance right at my fingertips, I still find myself reading X Reader fanfiction. Yes, most of them are rubbish and I mainly just skim read them, but they do their job.


I want to go in an arcade so badly. Just before the lockdown I managed to go in one, but I want to go again so badly. I don't care if 90% of the games nowadays are little kid gambling machines, they're still so fun. Last year I discovered Pump it Up, I want to play it again because I can't at home. This one arcade I go to a lot has this broken DDR Extreme machine with broken pads and a dying CRT (for some reason everything is in Japanese too, it even says when you boot it up "for Japan only", I've seen a few machines like that), but I still want to go on it again. There's even an arcade a few hours away that has a working In the Groove machine with custom songs, and no menu time limit! To be honest though, I suck with DDR in the arcades because my body moves around and misses the arrows, usually my soft mat moves with me but of course that doesn't happen in the arcade. I also want to play those old 90s racing games they have, I've been watching a lot of Initial D lately and it really reminds me of those. Most of the arcades near me have pretty dated games, but when I went to the US they had arcades with more modern games in them, but again there were still a lot of lame ticket gamblers with these kids and their parents pumping out thousands of tickets to get those prizes.

I know there's a deadly virus going around but I miss arcades so badly. Yes, I can literally play those games at home if I really wanted to, but it's not the same.

OK, does anyone else think the iPhone 12 or whatever it's called looks rubbish? WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE PHONE LOOK THE SAME NOWADAYS? Why do phones look so boring now? I used to have so much fun going down the phone aisle at Tesco at seeing all the cool, pretty coloured devices, now I don't even bother. I can't really say much because I have a boring black iPhone, but it's not my fault that they didn't have Rose Gold left in stock. I love old 2000s handhelds, I know every man and their dog is nostalgic for that time now, but I don't care. If I was rich I'd start a collection of them.


Sometimes I pick up a series just because it has hot men in it. Actually, that's the case most of the time. But then I actually get interested in it for the plot, and I start caring about characters not just because they're hot. It makes me feel like I'm a bit shallow, but I'm sure I'll change eventually. I've had about fifty million fictional boyfriends at this point, and most of them have very similar personalities. I should probably stop soon, but that's never gonna happen.


Recently I've been replaying a bit of PsychicEmotion6. I know the game's techinally aimed at slightly younger audiences and it has a few problems, but I like it a lot. It's so lighthearted compared to the other game I'm trying to get through right now. The entire fandom of this game literally just consists of me. If you search the game up on Bing you mostly just get links to my blog. But that's probably because the game didn't sell very well (from what I've heard) and it has no sequels or nothing, plus it's for the PS Vita. I sort of want to buy more of the drama CDs. They go for really cheap for some reason, even the game was cheap. Usually even the smallest things have a fanbases somewhere, but I can't find many for this game.


Does anyone know what Top Model colouring books are? I found some of my old ones the other day. It's nostalgic looking through all my designs and the intricate but cringeworthy lore I wrote for every character. Even though they're for kids I want to buy some more so badly. There used to be this one shop about half an hour from where I used to live that sold them I think. There was also this Top Model magazine I remember seeing in the corner shop once. In my pencil drawer I even have Top Model pencils, except I dropped the box on the way home so the lead all snapped in them. I don't like most "adult" colouring books, they're boring and you don't really get to be creative that much. I have a few and they just sit in my drawer until I remember they exist.


I've been listening to so many different albums this month. Usually I just shuffle the same few playlists multiple times, but this time I actually decided to listen to whole albums. And has been tracking it all, so I decided to use one of those generators that makes a collage of album covers based on your listening stats. They really have no use other than to look cool. And I am going to share mine here. Some of the albums I listened to were brand new, but a lot were just stuff I already knew. These are just my top scrobbled albums, I did listen to a few smaller EPs and stuff that never made the collage. As you can tell, I decided to listen to literally the entire Stray Kids discography, except I was working whilst listening so I didn't pay attention to a lot of it.


Last night I had a dream that ended with the fire alarm going off. My fear of the fire alarm is getting very strange. I don't even enjoy cooking as much because of it. When I use the oven I'm scared it's going to set on fire, same with the microwave and the hob or stovetop or whatever it's called. The other day I was sleeping and it beeped! I panicked so much, but it's only because our alarm is glitching out for some reason. When I listen to music I keep pausing it because I think I hear a beeping but it's just some background instrument. Even my ringtone has a weird beeping sound in the background!

I have two routes left to finish in DiaLovers MORE, BLOOD, but I'm having too much fun going through all the bad endings that I don't want to play them yet! The bad endings are actually more entertaining than the good ones. My favourites so far are Kanato and Reiji's Brute Endings because they are so absurd and hilarious to me. They even used the dummy head mic for them! (But of course I hate wearing headphones for too long so I don't get to experience it) When I'm done with the game I'll write a blog post on it. I dunno if people actually read my blog but I'll post it anyway. Perhaps someone ten years in the future will find my blog and read it all.

Recently I've been playing Hakuouki again. A lot of people find the game depressing but for me it's like comfort food, especially the common route. Also I don't really find the history stuff that boring. It's nice to get my Vita out again after playing the Switch a lot. Actually, the Vita does win over the Switch for me in some places, like with the wallpapers and themes. Why doesn't the Switch let you pick a wallpaper yet? Aside from otome I've also been playing my regulars, Stepmania, Animal Crossing and Rune Factory. I only own two Switch games so far, but hopefully soon I'll buy some otome or something for it.

In other news, I have been getting more and more obsessed with K-Pop lately. It just makes me feel even more guilty that I don't put much effort into learning the language. If you look at my you'll see I've been trying out a lot of music. Only a few groups have stuck with me though. I like Shinee a lot, I think five years ago one of their songs came up on my Nokia MixRadio (does anyone remember that) mix, it was the Japanese version of Replay. All I remember was liking it and the title including the words "boku no". Finding it again this year was like being reunited with an old friend, even though I maybe heard the song twice back then. Their other music is great too. Of course I haven't listened to it all because there's so much of it, but what I have heard is good.

The other two bands who caught my eye (or ears, I suppose) are TREASURE and Stray Kids. TREASURE literally just debuted, their songs are alright and there are so many members, but I like them anyway. Watching all their new music videos and performances as they come out is fun. It sort of feels like I'm cheering for a sports team. Usually I only get interested in a group because of the music, but I just think it's fun to follow a group that's brand new because you get to watch them grow.

The reason why I like Stray Kids is because of their rapping. Some of their songs don't work for me, while others sound awesome. I've been going through their discography and adding stuff to my playlists. I like them visually too, some of the members I find super attractive. They seem to be quite popular online, or maybe it's just only on the websites I frequent.

Recently I've just been trying out so much new music. It's better than listening to the same old bubblegum dance tracks I've been replaying so much this year. (Yesterday I listened to this one Crispy song FOUR TIMES because it was so good) 99% of my listening has been through Spotify or YouTube this year. I really should use my private collection more but all of that is the same two hundred songs I've over played. In about a month the Spotify Wrapped thing will come out, that's always fun to see. It sucks that it only takes your listening stats up until October though.

(I think this is the longest post I have written so far.)


There seems to be a trend in which whenever I get obsessed with something new, it's always years after everyone else has already discovered it. Like I just started playing Rune Factory 4 a few months ago and fell in love with it. Now they just announced Rune Factory 5 and I'm really excited even though I hardly know the series well yet. (I've wanted to play the series for three years, it's just I have little money to spend on stuff like games so I never got around to it) A lot of people are like "I've been waiting for this for years!" and I'm like "I've been waiting for this for a month or so..." I like the 3D graphics in it, but I don't actually want to get it until I've played a lot more of RF4.


Some childhood friends who I haven't spoken with in years suddenly contacted me again. I had to move away to another country, so our lives have been very different. It feels like they're more mature and accomplished than I am, but that's probably not true. Often I get homesick for the place where I'm from, but it's odd when I talk to them and they say it sucks and they want to move out. The socialisation's good for me I suppose, since even before the world went into lockdown, I didn't talk to people much.


I still get embarrassed searching stuff up on my computer, sometimes so scared that I run a virus check to make sure there's no hacker watching me. I know it's stupid, and I don't look up anything weird, but when I get obsessed with something (like a game or book or whatever) I'm constantly looking it up online and I'm scared someone will look through my history and think "what a strange person". Also I'm scared they're going to look at my massive folder full of bishounen pictures. But then again, I have no idea why a hacker would want to go into the computer of some normal person.

I'm also really scared of the fire alarm. Whenever I'm in the shower or bath I'm scared it's going to go off, it's annoying because I keep turning off the tap because I'm scared I can hear a beeping noise. That means I can't relax at all. Once it actually did go off, a few weeks ago. Luckily it was just a false alarm. But now it's not just me who's scared of the fire alarm, my cats are too.


Is it me or does the Xbox Series S look exactly the same as the One S but with an ugly black spot on the top? It looks like the One S and a speaker had a love child. I heard somewhere that most of the "next-gen" Xbox games are just going to work on the Xbox One anyway, so there's literally no reason to upgrade yet. (not that I would, I spent all my gaming budget on my Switch Lite) I do still play my Xbox One a lot, but I actually don't own many games for it. Unless you count the small puzzle games I got using my Microsoft Rewards. I do wish the 360 DDR games were backwards compatible, as well as that freebee arcade disc I got with the console. Most of my Xbox usage nowadays is for Spotify, SAO: Fatal Bullet and Stardew Valley.

In other news, I got bored of listening to the same repeated BIGBANG songs on Spotify, so I decided to find some new K-Pop to listen to. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get into it at all. It's because a lot of the newer stuff uses the same pop sound that I don't like that much. I try so hard to get into other K-Pop bands, but it's so hard for me. A lot of it does sound similar, but so does Western pop. It is fun reading about all the statistics and the management behind them and looking at all the pretty CD covers with those photocards. Nowadays you can find a lot of K-Pop stuff for sale in normal shops. At least it's becoming more acceptable to listen to boy bands and foreign music. I remember a few years ago when I used to tell people I listened to J-Pop and they were like "why do you listen if you can't understand it?" (This was before I started learning Japanese), now everyone likes BTS and you can hear them on the radio sometimes. I remember a few years ago when this Chinese friend of mine showed me BTS, I thought they were quite niche outside of Asia, but now they are everywhere. I do like some of their music though, but their latest song sounds a bit generic to me. It reminds me of that Justin Timberlake song "Can't Stop the Feeling" or whatever it's called. But it's still cool that they're number one in the charts in America or where ever.

I don't know how I started rambling about K-Pop again. I just find it interesting despite not feeling the music. A few years ago I was travelling somewhere (I'm not going to tell you where) and there was this K-Pop convention and I went out of curiosity. They even had an actual group performing there which you could pay extra for. Before going I literally only knew BIGBANG and one BTS song, so I went on YouTube and searched "k-pop" and watched a few random videos. Most of the convention was just massive rooms filled with K-Pop albums (I do regret not buying anything) and teenage girls, but it was interesting. I don't know why it fascinates me so much. I just think it's cool that they also release music in Japanese. It's not because I'm a weeb, I just think it must be quite hard to perform in another language. (mainly I just listen to the JP versions so I can sing along and understand the lyrics a bit, plus I feel guilty because I sort of forgot to continue learning Korean) They just release them to make a bit of extra money in a different market, but whatever, I still think they're cool. When I went to the US on holiday I saw them selling Japanese K-pop releases instead of the Korean ones. They were so expensive though, like $20 for a single with three songs on and a few music videos in 480p DVD quality. Do people buy CDs anymore? I still do, but I just rip them onto my iPod and occassionally stare at the covers.

Luckily I am finding some interesting stuff to listen to. Really I prefer listening to my iPod, but then I have to buy (or pirate) the songs, then after a while I get bored with what I have. At least with Internet streaming I can discover new stuff without paying for it each time. Luckily I have two iPods, and one just happens to be a Touch that can access Spotify. (Except it's a glitchy version, it won't let me add stuff to playlists or even skip songs) I do not know why I am even writing about this, so I'm going to stop now.


Today I sat in the sun listening to a drama CD. My face got slightly sunburnt and my iPod got so hot that iOS stopped working and told me to cool the device down before I could continue. It's the opposite of the time when I got my old iPhone so cold in the winter that the battery died. But it was all worth it, the drama CD was so good. This one was on Rejet's YouTube channel and they haven't even uploaded it all yet so I have to wait to finish it... Usually I listen to them at midnight in bed, because it makes it cosier that way. I haven't listened to many of them, to be quite honest, but I want to buy more in the future.


There's this official web version of DDR (it's only in alpha though) that I'm going to try out, it's just taking forever to load... I hope it works with my Xbox pad because I hate playing with the keyboard. It sounds quite interesting and I'm excited to try it out. I wonder what kind of songs it'll have? I played songs from the latest arcade DDR on Stepmania and most of them were just anime girl songs and like a few random American chart EDM songs. Luckily there were some good ones in there like Bassdrop Freaks, that was good. I dunno why I'm suddenly rambling on about this, maybe it's because someone in my house was watching this cheesy teen Netflix film and they played this off brand DDR game and it made me want to go to an arcade so badly.


I spend a lot of time editing my husbando chart even though I'm never going to show it to anyone because I'm too embarrassed.


Guess what came in the post today? DiaLovers MORE, BLOOD for the PSP! It was posted in April and was supposed to come last month, but in the end I thought it would never come. I started playing and I'm impressed at how much more Japanese I can understand compared to the last game. Of course, once I'm done I'm going to be writing a blog post on it. Usually with otome I try to finish them quickly but I'm gonna take my time with this one. The random name generator told me to play Ayato's route first, and it's good so far. Yes, the PSP's screen and sound is inferior to my Vita and Switch Lite, but at least I can plug it into the TV!


Do you ever set a cool song as your ringtone, only to have it completely ruined for you? I set one of my favourite songs as my ringtone, now whenever I listen to it I'm reminded of stressful phone calls. Sometimes when I hear some of the default IOS ringtones it reminds me of the pressure of having someone calling you or those days when I used my phone to wake me up in the morning. Maybe I should change my ringtone to something I hate instead...


This site might as well be dead now. I don't like the design anymore. Perhaps if I can be bothered I'll remake it all over again. Or maybe I'll make a whole new site. I don't know. I'm getting tired of staying inside behind a screen. I try to take advantage of the outdoors but I can't really think of anything to do other than walk around like an idiot.


Despite claiming to not like watching anime anymore, I've recently been watching a lot of it. Well, not really that much, but a lot more than usual. I decided to watch Black Butler. Years ago I bought and read the first volume, watched two episodes, then completely forgot about it. Feeling guilty that I never went any further with it, I started watching the anime. The setting, characters, opening and voice acting are all really good, but I do have one slight problem with it. One minute it wants to be super dark (which I love), then suddenly it just turns into comedy. I have this problem with a lot of stuff. Having a bit of comedy isn't bad, but sometimes it kills the mood during the more serious stuff.


Apparently people will pay real money to get certain villagers in Animal Crossing. It just so happens that I have Marshal on my island as well as Audie (she's in the campsite but she won't move in because I lost one stupid card game!), so does that technically mean I'm sitting on a pile of money? I love Marshal too much to sell him, and besides, I don't even have a Switch Online membership... This random website also says that Zucker is worth money too! I also have him in my village, and he's absolutely adorable. I actually don't know why people would pay to get villagers, to be quite honest. They're just a bunch of pixels you could easily watch on YouTube if you wanted to see them that badly. It sort of feels a bit strange buying and selling them like cattle. I know they're not real but it still feels weird. Yes, it is slightly annoying that the villagers on your island are randomised, but I sort of think it makes it slightly more fun, because when someone new moves it's nice to be surprised by who it is.


When I was very young, there was this anime I really loved. I saved loads of pictures of it onto my computer and knew a lot of the names of the characters. The weirdest thing about it was that I never watched any episodes, none at all. I just liked the art. The series was called Mermaid Melody. At a later date I watched a few of the episodes and then forgot about it. All I really remember about it is that every episode would start with "watashi wa nanami luchia!" and that the love interest's name was Kaito. The theme tune was quite catchy too. The only reason I'm suddenly writing about this is because I just went through the backup of my old computer and found all these pictures of the characters I saved. I tried to track down the manga on eBay, but all I found were body pillows of the characters (who I'm pretty sure are all underage girls!) and random merchandise.


I watched this random film on Netflix called "365 DNI". It certainly was... something. The ending was rubbish and there wasn't much substance to it, but I think it was just designed to be some women's fantasy so I can forgive the weird plot. It sort of reminded me of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder in places. Speaking of films, I also watched Frozen 2 a few days ago, and it also had a rubbish plot. The first film's story I never liked much either. At least the music and animation quality was good...


I just purchased a Switch Lite off of Amazon. Even though I've wanted one for ages, I was a bit scared before and after making the purchase. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, but spending lots of money at once feels extremely scary. It's really a bit pathetic. The game I got was Animal Crossing, I've never played it but it looks fun. Let's hope that the console doesn't get damaged during shipping!


Yesterday I was reminded of a very awkward childhood crush. I used to like Meowth from the Pokemon anime. Don't ask me why. I'm not even a furry or anything.


I almost bought a Switch Lite today, but the colour (pink) and game (Animal Crossing) I wanted were both out of stock. Then I sat and thought about it, and realised that if I really wanted another console, I could just buy a 3DS and a lot of games and have just as much fun. The only thing I'd be missing out on is new otome games. I missed out on the 3DS because I bought a DSi XL the December before it came out and had no idea that there was a new one right around the corner.


I hate it when I find a cool song I really really like, but it's from some random video game I've never played, so I feel guilty listening to it when I don't know the game so in the end I just try and forget about it.


Everybody's been doing cool hobbies inside during this quarantine, but I've just been doing my regular stay at home routine that really sucks when I think about it. I wake up, pet my cats, then spend the whole day watching TV, internet browsing, music listening, DDR (that's my exercise), occasional eating, language textbooks, writing, and video games. I suppose I did volunteer to do one thing outside my house, which is OK. I try to think of other hobbies to do, but I can never come up with anything. If I try to think of something new to do, when it's time to actually do it I'm just too exhausted. At least today I spent a long time rearranging stuff in my room. Everything I do sees to involve immersing myself in another world somehow. In the past I used to do way more interesting things, but for a few years I've just been following the same routine of boredom. Even when I do go outside I just go to the same places because I don't really like where I live right now.


I was watching YouTube fine and then it started to act all funny and things wouldn't load properly and it would say silly things like "The playlist does not exist". The video I was watching might have cursed it... I think other people are having problems too. Now I'm sad because I was having fun watching random stuff and now I dunno what else to do...


I had an idea for this site the other day, but then I completely forgot to actually follow through with it. I should really work on this site more. In this website's early days, I was completely obsessed with it, but now I don't care so much. It's like that with everything, I'll get really into it but I won't stick with it for a long time.


When I was a very small child, I used to spend a lot of my time imagining myself as a popstar and dating the various celebrities I had crushes on. Everytime I'd find a song that I liked, I used to pretend that my fictional celebrity self had sung it. I did that for a very long time, until I stopped thinking about real people and just inserted myself into fictional worlds instead. But recently, I started the fictional pop star thing back up again, even picking songs that I had "sung". I started imagining live performances and interviews, and even made myself date this other celebrity. (I'm not naming names, of course) It's super embarrassing imagining myself being romantically involved with a real life person, because imagine how they'd feel if they knew! They go through their own lives and struggles and I'm just here imagining myself kissing them. What is really weird is that last night, I binged watched a lot of videos involving this certain celebrity, and then I had a dream that I was married to them! I was my exact fictional pop star self in the dream, which is great because usually my dreams make things weird and never go how I'd want them. (Once I had a lucid dream, but sometimes I doubt that it was actually real) Normally I have the same dreams about visiting my childhood home or being on a plane and waking up before it crashes, but this one was very pleasant. I have no idea why I'm writing this here. Actually, I've always wanted to write about my dreams somewhere so I don't forget them.


Chatting to people online is so terrifying...

I attempted to use this Japanese version of Omegle to practice my language skills, I paired with some random person and they said "hello" (in Japanese of course), I had no idea how to reply (despite knowing how to carry more than a basic conversation) so I panicked and left the chat. Talking online is supposed to be a lot easier than talking IRL, but to me it's just as scary and difficult! I then started another conversation with "hello" and the person replied the same and then said that they were a woman (I simply replied "me too") and they sent more messages like "there are lots of people online" but I didn't really know what to say to them so I just chickened out again. Another person I was actually ready to chat to, they asked what I was doing today and I replied "using the computer", but they never replied, probably because I forgot to conjugate the verb in the polite form.... The last person I chatted to I started the conversation by asking where they were from, they replied with some random place in Japan and I said "I live in England", as soon as they read that they left the chat!

Last time I used this Japanese Omegle-like site over a year ago with much worse skills, I remember starting a conversation and then realising I was chatting to a fellow foreigner, and then we just began speaking in English anyway. Maybe I'll start this thing again and try to begin an actual conversation instead of retreating like a coward. The website is if any of you want to try it yourselves.


You would've thought that with all this free time I've been having lately, I'd actually update this site a bit, right? Well no. I've completely forgotten about this place. It's not that I don't enjoy updating it, it's just I have no ideas left. Also, I've been doing plenty of other things, like binge watching two whole seasons of a certain anime before my Crunchyroll free trial ran out, and just playing video games. Very important tasks indeed. I should probably update the look of this place a bit, but I've been feeling too tired to do much lately. Please don't write this place off as some dead website yet!!


For some reason, I really like listening to Japanese versions of K-Pop songs. I know the original Korean versions sound way better, but I seem to listen to these ones better. Sometimes the Japanese sounds a bit awkward, but I can memorise the words better since I sort of understand a bit of Japanese, and they seem to add a lot more English words into the translated lyrics. Whenever the Korean versions come on, I just end up singing along in Japanese. I just think it's cool that K-Pop artists release stuff in multiple languages. Unfortunately, nobody else online seems to care about these Japanese versions as much as I do. Oh well.


They're going to make another Hakuouki musical and this time they're going to adapt Souma's route. I'm super excited because that means my favourite character, Miki (who literally only really appears in this route and a bit in the common route, he's super underrated too which sucks) is going to be in it! I've only watched the musical adaptation of Okita's route and it was actually quite decent. Perhaps I should give the other ones a try, I might as well since I have an infinite amount of free time due to this virus.


I did it! I made a mini fansite for Click here to visit it.


Does anybody remember an online game called I used to use it from around 2009 until it shut in 2011. Every year I seem to remember that the site exists and get sad that it's gone. There were a few "Bring Back BarbieGirls" sites floating around the web, but they're all dead now. I was thinking that maybe I should make one to preserve its legacy. It's a shame that all the site assets are pretty much gone so nobody can make one of those private servers for it. All of the games from it are gone too. If you try to play them on the WayBack Machine, this big screen pops up saying "THIS IS A PROPERTY OF MATTEL INC.". One of the better games was called Dazzling Designs, it was so fun and I can't find it anywhere. :(


I think this site needs more glitter.


If anybody is wondering why I do not update this site very often anymore, it's not because I'm bored or I've lost interest or anything. I just can't really find any more ideas inside my brain for this place. I feel like I've made this site the best I can, so there's nothing much more that needs to be added. A lot of websites don't really update their content for ages, so I don't really feel bad about doing this.

I also feel like sharing a "life hack" today. If you use the mobile version of Spotify and one of those annoying audio advertisements pops up in the middle of your playlist, just close the app, then reopen it. The advert is then gone and you can get back to partying or whatever people do when they listen to music. (Please note: I only tested this on iOS, I don't know about Android) It's a bit of an inconvenient trick, but at least you don't have to wait through a minute of boring adverts. Oops, I feel like someone from Spotify's going to read this and remove this feature. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all.


With my Microsoft Rewards points, I managed to get this voucher for the Xbox Store, a very small one not worth much money. Normally I just spend it on some indie puzzle game before it expires, but I found one of the Sword Art Online games on sale for an absolute steal of a price, so I thought "why not?" and bought it. I used to be a massive fan of the light novels until I gave up after the ninth book. To be honest, the whole thing is one big teenage boy fantasy with all these big breasted anime girls and stuff, but I still sort of liked it. This was years ago, however. Apparently the game has romance in, but there's loads of female love interest and like two male ones...

I've never really played a JRPG that isn't Pokemon, so I'm not sure what to expect. Hopefully I won't give up on it after a while. At least it was basically free, so I can't really complain. I did have to pay two more pounds on top of the voucher, however. I'm usually quite tight but someone told me to just buy it anyway. I still feel a bit bad that I spent real money, but I should stop being such a cheap skate.

All I've got to do now is wait for the thing to download. It's 25 gigabytes large! I do have a lot of space on my Xbox, but that's going to really strain my WiFi connection...


...You know how in the last post I said I had an urge to play some Dance Dance Revolution? Well I did just that. I turned my Xbox on after many months, and opened the game. I started playing a random song I clicked by accident, failed the song, and then my Xbox froze. I thought that I was going to get the Red Ring Of Death. I restarted my Xbox, and funnily enough, that's exactly what I've got. I looked the issue up, and the problem with my poor Xbox is hardware failure. Tomorrow I'm going to turn it on again and see if it works, but I don't have very high hopes.

Considering I got this console for free from someone, it's had a good run. I'm just sad because DDR isn't backwards compatible with my Xbox One, and I don't really want to buy a new 360 right now. All I've been using it to play for the past few months is DDR. All it had was one job, and not even a very taxing job. I suppose the console was ten years old, and one of the fat white models that is prone to failure. I might be able to fix it somehow, but I don't trust myself to poke around inside the case. It sucks because I only got the dance mat last year!!

If I want to play DDR now, I'll just have to find some gameplay footage on YouTube and get the mat out and follow the steps. The mat does have USB but it's actually just a really flat Xbox controller, so it requires Xbox controller drivers to work on a PC. I did try using it with my old laptop but it didn't work. Maybe if I buy DDR for the Wii and use that mat there it may work.

R.I.P Xbox. You had a good run. I'm surprised you didn't die earlier, to be honest, because you always got really hot and used the fans quite a lot.

Oh dear. I realised that I had forgotten to visit Moshi Monsters before it closed. Oops.

I have a strong urge to play DDR right now. During the holidays I went to three different arcades and managed to play it a bit. One arcade had an old cabinet with a dying CRT monitor and pads that wouldn't work, but it was quite fun. Nobody else in the was really interested in playing it for some reason. The other two arcades had Pump It Up cabinets. I'd never heard of that game before, but it was fun, even if the music library was mainly just K-pop.

Luckily I have a copy of DDR on my Xbox, but I don't like it as much as the arcade versions because the songs aren't as good, and the pads are soft and the dance mat moves while I'm playing. I'm not actually that good at the game yet because I don't really play it that much. When I do play it, it's super loud because my feet stomp really loudly.

Moshi Monsters is closing in December!!!!! I was wondering if it was going to die. This announcement is so soon though! I'm planning to play and record it for YouTube so that the gameplay is forever archived. I wish I could be on it until its last moment, but it closes at midday for some reason, not midnight like 90% of virtual worlds.

I still have most of my Moshi Merchandise in one of my parent's houses. It was such a big part of my life at one point, and it never really left me. I still think about it quite often. I'll make a Moshi nostalgia blog post eventually. I had six accounts and there are so many messages from old friends who I've long since moved away from. I never watched the film at all but I still had loads of Moshling figures, books, magazines and I had the membership for quite a long time. I really don't expect a fan to make a new server for it because it's simply not as popular as stuff like Club Penguin.

The closure email says that you can still have Moshi fun on their new apps, but they're just aimed at little kids. I suppose the main site is aimed at kids too though.

I'm not in tears because of this news however, because all good things must come to an end eventually. At least it lasted longer than other people's childhood sites, like Club Penguin and that. This is the third one of my old virtual worlds that has shut, along with Barbiegirls and Build A Bearville. I just hope that Stardoll doesn't go anytime soon. I have so many rare items on there. I also have a lot of rare Moshi items too.

Moshi Monsters gave me a lot of fond memories. At school my friends and I used to trade Moshling figures, and we even had a Moshi club. When I think about the site, it just reminds me of spending time at my dad's house on my netbook, 4Music on in the background. It's so strange, because a few years ago Moshi Monsters was EVERYWHERE. I ate Moshi pasta, Moshi sweets, Moshi cupcakes (from a recipe magazine) and even Moshi chocolate. It was in the music charts, at school, in the cinema, on your DS and literally everywhere in my local Tesco. I don't know if it was very popular out of the UK, but I did see some of the toys for sale abroad.

RIP Moshi Monsters. You will be missed, and I'll probably never forget about you. It's very hard to when I was once absolutely obsessed with it. It's funny, it was only the other day that I went back to it to play the ice cream game. Maybe I cursed it somehow.

Yesterday I tried to play archived games from the old site, but they wouldn't work. I wish that had been archived somehow, because it was such a well made site with some great games on it.

Frozen 2 is out soon and I sort of want to see it. I liked the first film when I first watched it in 2013, a pirated copy on my friend's CRT monitor. Still, I always felt that something was missing from it. I think that the plot was just a bit empty. Like Elsa just runs away and sings Let it Go and hides in her castle, but then you don't really see her do much at all after that, you don't really see her struggle that much or anything. She doesn't really have that much interaction with Anna either. I love the songs and the animation in Frozen, but I just feel that the plot's really rubbish. Hopefully the second film will be much better.

I used to really love Double Lollies and Love Hearts as a child, but today I came to the conclusion that Drumsticks are the best Halloween sweet. It's funny, because I used to think that they were really sickly.

I don't usually watch anime, but recently I've been watching Dance With Devils, simply because I wanted to play the otome version of it. Although a couple of the musical numbers are a bit cheesy, I've had so much fun with this series. It's just really enjoyable to watch. Maybe I'll even write a review of it when I'm done.

Meanwhile, I'm neglecting all of my mobile otome games. I'm so close to finishing Arthur's route in Ikemen Vampire, but I really just can't be bothered to get my iPod Touch out and play it right now.

Today I re-played Code: Realize, but I just skipped through most of the common route and went onto Saint-Germain's route. When I played it before, I turned the voice acting off, because I had accidentally created character voices in my head and it felt weird hearing them speaking differently. This time I turned the sound on, and I am very glad I did. All of the voice actors did such a wonderful job with this game.

I am also about to create a Windows Vista virtual machine. Why? Because I actually have a lot of nostalgia for it, and I just feel like messing around with something.

I seem to spend more time on the Internet reading video game discussions than actually playing them. Right now I don't actually have anything to play, but even when I did, I still spent more time on my PC instead.

I have been grinding for Swagbucks lately, it's sort of become and obsession/hobby. I want to be able to buy a whole otome game with them, although it's going to take an awfully long time. Yes, I could just spend actual money, but I'm cheap. At first I thought that I'd never be able to earn anything from this site, but it's actually really easy. The other day I typed in "I NEED MONEY" into the Swagbucks search and it randomly gave me four SBs. There's a massive wishlist of games I want to buy, but they're mainly Japanese-only ones. That means that they're sometimes super difficult to understand, but I still have fun with them anyway!

I keep seeing all these pretty otome themed sites with such lovely themes and banner images. It makes me want to revamp my own site again, except this time it'll have cute pastel colours and GIFs instead of the dark glitter bomb that it currently is. I'm itching to go on Photoshop and create some web graphics right now, except my laptop is at home, so I can't. :(

Since this "Chamber" page has a different theme to the rest of the site, it makes things a bit inconsistent, but who really cares?