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Otome Games

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This is a small list of otome games I've played that yandere characters in them. Most of them are available in English, luckily. Yandere is a very popular trope, so I decided to make a list of some of them, as well as my rating/opinion of how extreme they are. There are probably a lot more games with them in, but I've only listed games I've played on this page. There aren't really any game spoilers down below, in case you were wondering. As I play more games, I'll add more to this list.(There was one more game that was on here, but I took it off because it's one of those games that you should go into blindly without any spoilers at all.)

Game Platform Yandere LevelLanguage
Period Cube PS Vita Can be very extreme, especially in the bad endings. English or Japanese
Amnesia: Memories PS Vita/PSP/Switch/Mobile/PCQuite ExtremeEnglish or Japanese
Diabolik LoversPS Vita/PSP/PS4/SwitchReally ExtremeJapanese (English fan translations available)
Code: RealizePS Vita/PS4Not really extreme, some people consider one character to be yandere, but I'm not really sure to be honest. English or Japanese
Collar X MalicePS Vita/SwitchVERY MILD (Some people may not even consider this game to even have a yandere)English or Japanese
Sweet Fuse: At Your SidePSP/PS VitaMildEnglish or Japanese
Mystic MessengerMobileOnly in some endings/routes, but can be extreme and really goodEnglish, Korean or Spanish
Ikemen SengokuMobile/PS VitaOnly in one route and quite extremeEnglish, Japanese or Chinese (I think)
7'ScarletPS Vita/PCQuite extreme (I personally thought that there was some really good yandere action here)Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean (I think)
Norn9PS Vita/PCOnly in bad endings.Japanese and English

Scroll far down (really far down) to see a list of what characters in each game are yandere. Beware of spoilers though.

Period CubePoyo-Poyo, also literally everybody else in their bad endings.
Amnesia: MemoriesToma
Diabolik LoversKanato
Code: RealizeSaint-Germain (I don't really consider him that yandere, but a lot of people do, so that's why he's on this list.)
Collar X MaliceOkazaki (Very mild yandere, to be honest, whether or not he counts as one really depends on your opinion)
Sweet Fuse: At Your SideUrabe (A very mild yandere too, there is another character who could probably sort of count as one too)
Mystic MessengerJumin, Yoosung (sort of) and Saeran (may or may not count depending on opinion)
Ikemen SengokuKenshin
Norn9Heishi (in a bad ending) and I would technically perhaps count Itsuki too, but he's not really that much of a yandere.