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This is where I put all the graphics that I've made. The official character art/screenshots that I used in some of them aren't mine, of course, but I did all the rest myself. I'm not a serious graphic designer person, so none of these will probably look very good. You can use these graphics on your own site, as long as you credit me in some way! Some of the images might need resizing though... A lot of the stuff on here is very random, but most of it is otome related. The only animations they really have is flashing, because that's all I know how to do at this point.

Please, please don't hotlink any of these if you're going to use them. Just save them to your computer instead.


88 by 31 Buttons

Icons/Profile Pictures/Anything Really (More Coming Soon!)

Website Background Tiles

Other Graphics

There's not much here yet, is there? I don't really know why I made so many Yui blinkies, I think it's because I really like her design. I made a lot of otome stuff in general because there aren't really any otome blinkies and stuff. Well, there are otome-themed DeviantArt stamps, but no blinkies. Hopefully some people somewhere will find use of these.