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This page lists every single page on my website, except for the homepage (there's literally a link to it right above this!) and the archive of the old version of this site, because that section already has its own sitemap.

"about.html" - About my site
"archive.html" - The archive of all my websites and stuff
"chat.html" - A Xat Chat room that I forgot about
"cupcakes.html" - A flash game I rescued from a dying website (may or may not work)
"dialovers.html" - A very long page about Diabolik Lovers "downloads.html" - The Download Bin
"faq.html" - "Frequently" Asked Questions
"freeadvertising.html" - Get the Misty's World Button here!
"games.html" - The Video Game Page
"geocities.html" - Interesting GeoCities Pages
"guide.html" - Misty's Handy Guide to Creating Your Own Website!
"index.html" - Entrance page and where the homepage used to be "internetarchaeology.html" - Old Webpages and Stuff
"links.html" - Links
"misty.html" - About Me
"moshimonsters.html" - A page about Moshi Monsters
"music.html" - A page about music or something
"not_found.html" - "Not Found" page
"oldgames.html" - Nostalgic Flash Games
"otome.html" - Otome Games
"otomebuttons.html" - The Otome Button Collection
"otomerecs.html" - Otome Game Recommendations
"ringtones.html" - Yahoo's Old Ringtone Service
"/kitchen/" Subfolder
"kitchen.html" - Main page
"frapp.html" - A long un-updated page where I talk about a certain Starbucks drink
"nests.html" - A page where I talk about this one recipe I made once last year.