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A Brief History of Misty's World

Back in 2016, I ran a very bad Wordpress blog called Internet Discoveries. It was like a travel blog, but for the Internet. Whilst looking for new topics to write about, I read about this web hosting service called GeoCities. You would've thought that I should have heard of GeoCities before, but I hadn't, even though I've used many other Yahoo products before.

I found out that the Japanese version of GeoCities still existed, so I decided to check it out. After many attempts at completing a Japanese CAPTCHA, I finally got my very own Yahoo! Japan ID to create a website with. When I finally logged into GeoCities, I had no idea that I had to code it all myself! Luckily I knew a very tiny bit of HTML to make a simple landing page. This is what it looked like.

A couple of tutorials later, I had a very simple site on my hands. First it looked like this. Even very earlier websites were more complex than that! At that time I was having trouble with hyperlinks, but it was only because I forgot to put "http://" at the start of every URL. This version of the homepage looks slightly closer to what my site looks like now. I briefly changed the name to "The Random Corner of the Internet". There was also a Google Translated Japanese version, because I thought that since the page was hosted in Japan, Japanese people would be visiting it.

But nobody visited it, unless I gave them the link. I found out about Neocities from a comment on one of my other failed blogs on a post titled "What Should I Do With My Old GeoCities Page?". Somebody suggested the popular hosting service, and I decided to try it out.

Thanks to Neocities' social features, my site gained over 12,000 views and some very loyal followers. From looking at other pages hosted by them, I got lots of inspiration that made my site what it is today. Misty's World gained a Web 1.0 aesthetic, with some GIFs that were taken directly from GeoCities archives.

2018 was quite a boring year for Misty's World. I had run out of ideas, until the day that was the First of August. I was in a bookshop, when I saw a book on making a website. It had a section about CSS style sheets, which I had dabbled with before, but never on my own site. This gave me an idea; why not remake my site to use CSS? Once I got home I started remaking the entire site, because I couldn't be asked to edit every single page to use style sheets.

2019 was also a rubbish year for the site, until its second anniversary came closer. I was visiting this site, and I looked at the design of it and thought: "Wow, this looks cool!". It inspired me to do what I had did the previous year, completely and utterly revamp the site. This time, I would use even more CSS than before, and the website would look really just super duper awesome. Originally, I was going to use my new found CSS knowledge to create a fansite for my favourite trashy otome, Period Cube, but then I just decided to use the skills on my own page instead. But then I tried to edit the CSS to make it look good everywhere, no matter what your screen size is. It was midnight, and I changed the code then went to bed. But when I woke up in the morning, everything was all wonky and messed up! So I decided to completely remake the site, and that brings us to now, to Misty's World 3.5.

I can't really write anymore than this, because I have no idea what happens next in the epic tale of Misty's World. Who knows what will happen? Maybe I'll even get my own domain name...