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Even though it's a game I would've absolutely adored as a child, I had never played Animal Crossing until this year. I managed to purchase New Horizons in June, and I am having loads of fun with it. Even though I'm not one of those people with a legendary island design, I thought I'd make a little page for it here. (plus I wanted somewhere where I could keep track of my villagers) This page isn't complete yet, so keep that in mind.

This is a map of my island as of the 21st of July 2020. A villager moved out on this day so the list isn't entirely accurate. I wanted to give the name a sort of fantasy vibe instead of some joke name that would ruin the immersion. It has an original flag and island melody which I spent ages designing. No, you cannot visit this place as I don't have Switch Online, plus I'm scared someone will come and nick my villagers from me. None of the residents I've got through trading with other people. For some reason they all get fleas quite often.

I have all the buildings unlocked, and we have K.K Slider concerts too. (I made some rushed concert t-shirts when he first came that my villagers love wearing) I spend most of my Bells paying off debt so we don't have too many fancy things yet. But we have a swimming pool, so that's cool! The game doesn't let you go in it though.

I just wish that the game allowed you to have more villagers... I want my island to feel more populated and busy. Originally I thought the campsite would have multiple tents in and that the villagers would actually walk around instead of staying cooped up in their tents. Speaking of villagers, in the future I want to find characters like Mitzi (because she looks like one of my cats), Bob (because he's cute), Agent S (she just looks cool), Marina (she also looks cool) and Rosie (because when I played Pocket Camp for a little bit she was my only villager). If I find Raymond I suppose that's alright too, but I'm not selling him because selling video game characters is weird.

The Villagers of Roselian

Charlise: One of my starter characters. I've grown quite attached to her, she sort of feels like a good friend at this point. Her house interior is super basic, but whenever I try to give her furniture and wallpaper she never uses it properly.

Billy: My other starter villager. I wasn't sure if I would like him, but I have also grown attached to him. His house also has literally nothing inside. For some reason he thinks I'm into sports and showing off my muscles, and his nickname for me is "goalie". The other day he wanted to leave Roselian but I forced him to stay. I'm never letting my original two villagers leave, ever.

Marshal: I didn't know how popular he was when I got him in my campsite. He's one of my favourite villagers, we're quite good friends. I've given him so many weird outfits that his style changes up each day. I love his house, I often come in to play on his overpriced piano. And his dialogue is rather entertaining, at least for me it is. Once he asked to move out but of course I didn't let him go. He's going to be stuck on Roselian for a long time.

Zucker: Zucker is an absolute cutie. Of course I also shower him with gifts. I think him and Marshal are friends, as I caught him hanging out in his house. As he was one of my early villagers, he also has a basic interior. Whenever I come over, "Spring Blossoms" is playing on the stereo, so I associate that song with him.

Freya: I don't regret sacrificing Bella to move her in. She has the most amazing house and personality. She doesn't have a very high friendship level with me yet, but I plan to increade it.

Maddie: She's very cute, and her house is lovely. I just haven't spent much time becoming friends with her yet.

Lopez: He literally just moved in, I would like him more, but all of his smug villager dialogue I already associate with Marshal so it feels weird hearing him say it. For some odd reason I keep calling him "Leon".

Audie: I love her design and everything, but I don't think her personality matches her. I know she's popular but I don't like her as much as some of my other villagers.

Drake: Lazy villagers are my favourite type. He hasn't moved into my island yet, I'm hoping his house interior is nice. These types of villagers always talk about the bugs living in their homes, when on the inside everything looks so clean...

Kitt: I found her using a Nook Miles ticket. Her house is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder I keep seeing other villagers in there. She's still new to my village, so I haven't spent too much time with her yet.

Former Villagers

Bella: I was great friends with her, but I moved her out because I wanted a change. I gave her so many gifts, but it was all for nothing. To be honest, I miss her, but it's nice to have someone new moving in. She was super fun to have, although my Bella was an early resident so her interior wasn't the one she usually has (it was still super pretty though!). I hope she's moved to the city to persue her dreams of becoming a pop star...

Stella: Stella wanted to leave two days after she arrived. I let her go because she didn't interest me that much.

Maelle: I grew to like Maelle and her super pretty house, but I let her leave for the sake of change. Hopefully I won't regret kicking her out.

Limberg: I never cared for him much from the start, but I grew to like him a little bit. Still, I was happy when he asked to leave.

Vladimir: I have no idea why I kicked Maelle out to bring him in when I didn't even like him that much.

Clay: Yes, Clay was quite adorable, but I wanted a change in my villager lineup so I let him go.

Flurry: I love Flurry to pieces, but I let her go. I don't know why though.

Campsite Visitors (that I can remember)

(I didn't let her in because she wanted to kick Marshal out)




I think his name was Camofrog or something?