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The Otome Button Collection

On the promotional webpages for a lot of otome games, they have these little downloadable button images for one to put on their website, along with bigger banners, wallpapers and Twitter icons. They work exactly the same as Neocities buttons, except instead of linking them to someone's homepage you just link it to the promotional site of the game. Nowadays a lot of otome websites aren't including these anymore because not as many people have personal blogs and homepages anymore.

Even though you can just go online and hunt for these buttons yourself, I've decided to collect as many as I can and put them here for two reasons, because they might get deleted in the future, which makes me sad because these things look really cute, and because since most of these are only available on the Japanese websites, it's harder for English fans to poke around and find them if they don't know the language. Also I just really like buttons. I don't have as many on my site now, but back when I first joined Neocities, I went crazy with them. I didn't bother to save any of the massive promotional banners or anything because I don't like them as much.

Hopefully somebody will use them on their site or something. I'm going to be dividing them up by what game they're a part of. Most of the ones I saved are from games that I enjoy, but there are a few from titles I haven't played yet.

Just a quick note: If you're going to use these, please save them to your computer and upload them to your site instead of hotlinking them from my site onto yours. It uses up my site's bandwidth and just makes things slower for your site and mine. Thank you!

Enjoy the buttons!

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Code: Realize

You cannot get these from the official website anymore, because it keeps crashing on the buttons page.

Diabolik Lovers

There are a lot of these because they made buttons for around four of the games. They all kind of look the same but I decided to save them all anyway because it's one of my favourite otome franchises.


Otomate never released any buttons for the first game, but they did release some for the fandisc. There might be some more for the second FD so I'll have to see if I can find them! There are also character CD ones here too!


Period Cube

Collar X Malice

Mystic Messenger

Unfortunately Cheritz only created buttons for the original five love interests, so there's no Saeran, Rika or V down here.

Ikemen Sengoku

Sweet Fuse


Bad Apple Wars



Rune Factory 4 banners and Twitter icons

That's all that I have in my button collection right now. If I find more I'll be sure to put them on here!