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This is a page where I share a random song that I am currently obsessed with. When I get some time I might also share some playlists! I mainly listen to really fast European dance music, specifically bubblegum dance and eurobeat. Sometimes I'll also listen to stuff like K-Pop, seiyuu music and Visual Kei when I'm in a certain mood. My favourite artists include BIGBANG, Jenny Rom, Bambee, Miss Papaya, Example, Aqua, 2NE1, Bazooka Girl,, Toy-Box, Judy Crystal, Uverworld and Basshunter. Obviously there are a lot more I like, but if I listed them all we'd be here for a very long time!

The Song I am Currently Obsessed With:

Some of my Favourite Songs:

One Year Station by G-Dragon
Pippi Girl (Speedy Mix) by Jenny Rom
I Won't Fall Apart by Jager
Ever and Ever by Queen of Times
My Heaven by BIGBANG
Act Like Nothing's Wrong by T.O.P
Whenever I Go by Showtaro Morikubo
Fight For Liberty by Uverworld
Just About Enough by Sarina Paris
Destiny (The Lovers) by Versailles
Tell Me Why by Judy Crystal
Cartoon Heroes by Aqua
Cinderella by Miss Papaya
Wa by Lee Jung Hyun
You Are My Dream by Bambee
Rage Your Dream by m.o.v.e
Night At the Opera by Blue Monster
Coco Rock (Factory Hyper Mix) by Jenny Rom
Hello by Shinee
What is Right by BIGBANG
The Stars by BTS

Some of my Favourite Albums:

Literally every BIGBANG album
GD & T.O.P's self-titled album
Heartbreaker by G-Dragon
On Ice by Bambee
Aquarium by Aqua
Pretty much any Dancemania album
Super Eurobeat Presents Euromach 9
Wake Up by BTS
Etude by Lareine
The King of Fighters For Girls Battle Song Album (yes, it's actually really good)
To Anyone by 2NE1