Husbando Hall of Fame

This is a little shrine dedicated to some of my favourite characters over the years! (I will probably delete it later out of embarrassment.) Most of them are from various anime/games I used to like. A few of these characters I don't even like much anymore, but they still deserve a spot here because of how much I loved them at one point in time. I know a lot of people find having waifus/husbandos and just self-shipping in general very cringeworthy, but I do not really care anymore. In the past I mainly used to like someone because of their looks, but now they have to have a personality to stop me from losing interest. You'll find that I usually fall for similar types every time, however there are some exceptions.

Welcome to the Husbando Hall of Fame!
Yes, I know I have weird taste.

Best Boy
Subaru Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers

Although my interest in Diabolik Lovers has dropped recently, Subaru will always be my No. 1 Husbando. I don't even remember why I started liking him, to be honest. Maybe it's his personality, or his voice? His design is nice, although I think he always gets shafted in the art department compared to the other DiaLovers boys. Even though I become interested in other characters, Subaru will always be my favourite. It does suck that the Diabolik Lovers games are so expensive to import, because I would've played every single one of his routes otherwise.

Saburo Miki - Hakuoki

Miki is a side character who only appears in the newer Hakuoki games. His appearances are very limited, his only purpose is to be a villain (I don't really see him as a bad guy, his motivations were entirely justified!) in just one route. You can't even romance him at all, so I created a route for him in my head. The main reason I liked Miki at first was because he is voiced by Takashi Kondo, the same seiyuu who does Subaru. But I also like Miki's personality and design. He somehow beat Kazama and Hijikata and became my favourite Hakuoki character. Miki's fanbase is limited to a single Tumblr blog, and I have only managed to track down a single piece of merchandise dedicated to him. Perhaps I should start my own Miki fanclub?? The other new villains in the Hakuoki remakes also deserve more love, so maybe I should create a Hakuoki Side Characters Appreciation Society.

N - Pokemon

N was my first video game love back in 2011. I remember being very disappointed with his voice in the English dub of the Black and White anime, it just wasn't how I had imagined it in the game. I later found out that I wasn't the only one who liked N a lot. He seems to be very popular online amongst Pokemon fans. My tastes have changed a lot since 2011, but I still have a fondness for long haired bishounen.

Hanzo Urushihara/Lucifer - Hataraku Maou-Sama

When I read the first light novel of Hataraku Maou-Sama a long time ago, I imagined Urushihara to look quite different. He didn't have an official illustration until the second volume. When I saw his face for the first time, I was like "wow, he's cute!" and I pretty much became obsessed with him. Nowadays I don't like him at all, to be honest. My first introductions to X Reader fanfiction were through this guy. Back then the series didn't seem as well known as it is now, so there wasn't that much to read. But it created a butterfly effect that eventually lead to my obsession with otome games. The first character song I ever listened to was Urushihara's. It's still comes up on shuffle play sometimes...

Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara

I just grouped these two together, because why not? A long time ago I was obsessed with Durarara, and I couldn't decided whether I liked Izaya or Shizuo better. (Nowadays I much prefer Shizuo.) Shizuo was my introduction to Daisuke Ono, one of my favourite voice actors, so I remember his character quite fondly. On my wall is a poster of him I took from one of the light novels, even though I haven't read them for years, the art is still pretty cool.

Unknown/Saeran Choi - Mystic Messenger

As soon as I saw his face in the opening movie, I knew I would like Unknown. My interest in him started long before Cheritz gave him a route, so I basically had to read a lot of fanfiction to satiate my Saeran thirst. When his route did come out, I loved it. I couldn't be bothered to get the Good ending though. I haven't played Mystic Messenger in years, so I hope they gave my boy a decent After Ending story.

Leone Abbacchio - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

I love a lot of JoJo characters, but Abbacchio has always been my favourite. I even have a keychain of him hanging on my pencil case. Sometimes I wish he had a bigger role in the story, he was one of the main characters but sometimes I think he didn't have enough lines.

Shingo Yabuki - The King of Fighters

I mainly like Shingo for his personality. Even though he mostly seems to exist for comic relief, I find his character to be quite decent. I've never played the newer KOF games, but I heard that Shingo isn't even playable. That's sad. At least he got a big presence in KOF for Girls. Whenever I play KOF I usually pick Shingo, I usually win the most when I use him. That's probably because I spam "SHINGO KICK!" fifty times in a row...

Keisuke Takahashi - Initial D

Writing this makes me remember that I still haven't finished watching the Fifth Stage yet. I thought Ryosuke was going to be my favourite in this series, but I quickly began to like Keisuke a lot. He doesn't have too big of a presence in the series until the Fourth Stage, that's probably the best I've seen so far in terms of Keisuke scenes. In the manga (which I have only read part of), he gets to race a lot more. I'm guessing they cut those parts out of the anime because of time constraints. People mainly talk about the racing aspects of Initial D, but I think the characters a quite decent too! There is some romantic Initial D fanfiction out there, but most of it is written by the same small group of users. It is also extremely difficult for me to find many decent screenshots of Keisuke online, probably because the anime is quite old.

Chikage Kazama - Hakuoki

Kazama is a bit of an arsehole, but so are a lot of the characters on this list. My first favourite Hakuoki character, I was sad that his route in the original game was so short. When I finally played his new route in Kyoto Winds/Edo Blossoms, I thought it was OK. It mainly contained scenes from the fandisk I had already played, so a lot of it wasn't as new to me. Even outside of his own route, Kazama is fairly entertaining as a villain. Sometimes I don't like how he treats the members of the Shinsengumi, but he is supposed to be a bad guy. My Kazama image folder is about five times the size of my Miki folder, which makes me sad.

Iori Yagami - The King of Fighters

My other favourite KOF character to use. The first ever special move I managed to pull off in a fighting game was Iori's Maiden Masher. It made me so happy when I finally figured out how to do it! I'm not really sure about Iori's design in the 3D KOF games, probably because I'm so used to seeing him as a 2D pixel man. His personality is very appealing to me for some reason, even though I feel we wouldn't get on if we met in real life.

Honourable Mentions
(Characters that I also really like or liked but not enough to include above)

Undertaker and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Keisuke Sanan, Toshizo Hijikata and Kanryusai Takeda from Hakuoki

Ryosuke Takahashi from Initial D

Yuma Mukami and Reiji Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers

Kei Okazaki from Collar X Malice

Akira Nishikiyama and Daigo Dojima from the Yakuza series

Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger

Ron from Norn9

Literally everyone in Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Shin from Amnesia

Thank you for reading this page! It wasn't too long ago that I would've been too embarrassed to make something like this.
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