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Interesting GeoCities Pages!

Ahh, GeoCities. It's what inspired the very thing that I'm hosting this site on. One of the most interesting places to poke around in are the archives, the ruins of the once massive community that made up this hosting service. A lot of the sites are contain very personal details, it's nice to hear about the lives and interests of people from the past. Most of these home pages are probably long forgotten by the people who made them.

Here I am going to list some of the pages that I have found during my travels.

This site is literally just one page that has a description of a couple of dogs with a few GIFs. I've found that a lot of personal/pet pages are very simplistic like this. The two dogs, Whiskey and Gypsy, were born in 1994 and 95, and the page was created in 2000. The page is part of the Petsburgh neighbourhood which is dedicated entirely to sites about animals. It's sad because these dogs are probably long dead now. I hope they lived happy lives with their owner, whoever they were. I do like the design of this page, the colours look very nice together and the GIFs are very cute.

Nowadays people tell you not to give out personal information on the Internet, and a lot of people take this advice and use a fake alias for any social media that isn't Facebook. With a lot of these GeoCities pages, that doesn't seem to be the case. Some of these people are content with showing personal pictures and giving out their name, age and country on their home page. One such example of this is this site, which I found in the Enchanted Forest neighbourhood. People mustn't have been as scared of online predators back then.

Another thing I've noticed whilst browsing is that whenever I find a site with a MIDI file attached, my browser won't play it, it'll just automatically download it to my computer. The modern browsers have now dropped MIDI playing functionality, which is a shame because it would've been nice to hear some music playing in the background whilst I dig through these homepages. It makes me wonder where these people used to get their MIDI files from. Maybe they created them themselves?

There's this cool site I found here which I cannot understand because it's in Italian, but I just pointed it out because I like the cool JavaScript (at least I think it's JavaScript from the source code!) widget that flashes different text in this search bar looking thing every second. I'd like one of those on my website to replace my tag that I use for the news bar on the home page.

This website was last updated in 1998, which was almost twenty-one years ago. I still can't believe the Internet's that old now.

I spent a couple of minutes browsing this page by someone called "Kitten Duchess". I think they were a teenage girl when they made this site. She has a page full of original characters she's created here, and the only OC page that isn't under construction has quite a lot of detail to it. There's even a picture of a real woman on there who is supposed to be her OC, I don't know if she took the picture herself or if it's actually someone else's.

I actually found a site that was updated up until GeoCities closed. They even mention that they've moved to a new domain, one that is still active and still retains the same 90s style design that the GeoCities version had. This is the site of the Tiverton Branch of the UK Pony Club. It's funny because I actually know where the town this is from is, that is why I clicked on the site whilst browsing the Oocities Archives. There are a lot of home pages on here for organisations and companies, but I still think that there is a greater number of personal pages.

The final site I'm going to mention is what I think to be the best looking GeoCities site I've found so far. It's called "Moon Dragon's Lair" and it was updated last in 2005, whereas a majority of these sites (Except the pony club one) haven't been touched since around 2000. I'm guessing that the lady who created this site is a professional graphic designer, because she hosts some very pretty banners and backgrounds that she's made. There's also a blog where she gives out some personal information and pastes poetry into.

As I do more GeoCities browsing, I'll write what I find down here again. I don't really edit any of the stuff I write, so I apologise for any grammatical errors. I know I should be checking over my work, but it's embarrassing reading what I've wrote.