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Otome Games

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Most people I see on the Internet are really hardcore gamer people who play these complex games with loads of fighting and fancy graphics. To be quite honest with you all, I find games like that really, really boring. I dunno why, but I really the only genres I really enjoy are sandbox games, simulators and otome games. For some reason I prefer games that simulate something that I could do in real life.

My first consoles were the Wii and the DSi XL, and I didn't really have many games for them so I just played the same ones over and over again. Fun fact: My Pokemon Black save file I've had since the game came out has almost three hundred hours of play time on it! Some of the DS games I have are really bad, but I sold a few of them off. On the Wii I spent a lot of my time just playing Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Sports Resort. My DSi made me super popular at school, everybody wanted to play on it even though they all had their own DSes. I remember trading Pokemon wirelessly and battling them with my classmates and playing Nintendogs together.

My favourite Pokemon was Eevee, I collected cards of it and drew pictures of it, but I was always gutted that you couldn't obtain in in Pokemon Black without trading. I made deals with all of the Pokemon players in my school with different games to trade theirs with me, then I bred them to create more Eevee! I actually got an illegally obtained shiny Eevee off a friend, it was super pretty and silver, but then it evolved into Espeon and I was annoyed because it wasn't silver anymore, it was bright green.

I didn't really have any Mario games or anything even though they're really popular on Nintendo consoles. At my old after school club I used to play a lot on the original Xbox and with the PlayStation 2. On the Xbox I played Burnout 3 (I actually bought this game many years later) and Crash Nitro Kart, whereas on the PlayStation I played EyeToy Play a lot, as well as SingStar which had a lot of old 2000s pop songs on it. The PS3 was out then too, but I don't think I've ever actually touched one in real life, not even in a shop.

Other than that, I played online flash games, rubbish mobile games, or Minecraft on my PC until about 2016 when I got an Xbox 360. I was super late to the party, but who cares. The games I had for that were Fallout 3 (which I actually completed the main story of), Skyrim (which I enjoyed but forgot about) and Fallout New Vegas (I also forgot about this). Now I just use my Xbox 360 for DDR and nothing else. It's a great console but I had to buy a hard drive and wireless adapter for it, because it was one of the older models. Actually when I first booted it up it still had the Blades dashboard, but I didn't know that a console with that on it is now super rare so I updated it to the latest software. I also have this freebee disc that came with it with a few Xbox Live Arcade games on it and for something free, it's actually quite fun.

I then got an Xbox One S to play Fallout 4 but I got bored with that game. Luckily I bought it quite cheaply so I didn't miss much. With my new Xbox, I will not touch it for a month or so then just spend a whole weekend playing it non-stop. My favourite games on that are Stardew Valley and Cities: Skylines. I only really have about five games for it though, but I'm thinking of buying some more one day.

Someone also gave me a PSP, but it had no battery, memory card or charger. I had to go to my local second-hand game shop to get the stuff to make it work again. The only two games it came with though were one first person shooter and sudoku, so I bought Parappa the Rapper off Amazon really cheaply. I found the game super hard, but I enjoyed the music quite a bit. I almost completed it before I got a memory card, but I lost my save data when the battery drained. :(

In 2016 I discovered these crappy mobile dating simulator games, and a year later I discovered one called Mystic Messenger. Normally I download games off the App Store, play them once then forget about them, but this game got me hooked. I stopped playing it though because it was time consuming, picked it up again in 2018 then stopped once more. It opened me up to the otome genre (click here if you want to learn more about them!) and I fell in love. These games were super appealing to me because: A. they were about dating hot anime boys B. you could be a girl and C. they were super easy to play and complete.

The first otome I actually paid for was Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for my PSP, and I actually managed to get all of the good endings on it. It was like a book, and with books I'm always determined to finish them as quickly as possible. It was such a good game, but it was one of only two otome titles localised on the PSP. If I wanted more, I'd have to get a PS Vita. So that's what I did, I got a Vita, and bought so many otome games. Also, I did get a few more for the PSP, but they're in Japanese. I much prefer handheld gaming to doing it on the big screen because I can take them anywhere with me, meaning that I can play them more often. The Vita is such a great console, and even though it's out of production now, there are a few games being released for it. All I play on it so far is otome, but in the future I might try out some other games too. Even though I've only had my Vita for a few months, I've probably already played it more than my Xbox.

That's the end of my long ramble about my history with video games. I would give you a list of recommended titles, but there isn't really that much that isn't otome, which I already have a page for. At a later date I might include some pictures and stuff to make things more interesting. Thanks for reading!