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This is a gallery of random images from my personal photo collection. I just felt like sharing some of them with the world. Enjoy, but please don't take them! I couldn't really find too many interesting pictures so I had to include some screenshots I took in the Sims 2. My Sims 2 save file has a very long running story that I should probably write about somewhere, but it's too complicated now for any of that. It does involve a lot of murder though, because my Sims bred like rabbits and I couldn't be bothered to maintain them all.

I used to not take too many pictures, but now I like to capture everything! My favourite things to photograph are planes, dolls, food, and my cats. I have a lot of cat photos but I don't really want to share them yet, because it's like posting a photo of a family member without their permission. I do put them on my Facebook though, but only real life friends are allowed to see that.

Right click an image and select "view in new tab" if you wish to get a better view.