Hello, and welcome to the BarbieGirls Museum! This is a fansite for the virtual world BarbieGirls.com, that shut down all the way back in 2011. This site aims to preserve information on the game and bring awareness to something that was loved by many people.

This site and its design is currently under construction. A lot of this site's info is based off of my own memories. Eventually I will Photoshop my own header for this site, but for now, the text will have to do!

BarbieGirls.com was a virtual world opened by Mattel in 2007. The game became a place for millions of players to chat, play games, dress up and more. Customisable MP3 players were even released that connected to the site and unlocked extra features.

Like most online games, a premium membership was available. This VIP membership unlocked many more features. Without this, you couldn't do things like purchase clothes and furniture or access a lot of the map areas.

In 2011, just four years after the site opened, Mattel shut it all down. Nobody knows exactly why they did this, but my speculation is that BarbieGirls probably didn't make enough profit. After it shut down, a few of the games were still available to play on Barbie.com, but eventually they were taken off the site. You can't even play them on the WayBack Machine anymore, since Mattel has implemented some kind of copyright protection into them. A few years ago, I found a secret link on BarbieGirls.com itself that still allowed you to play the Word Search game, but it no longer works.

A lot of closed online games have fanbases that have managed to save enough assets to get these sites working again, but unfortunately BarbieGirls.com has never recieved a "Rewritten" version or anything. I don't even know if any of the game assets were saved at all. When the site closed a lot of petitions and fansites were made, but I don't believe that any of them are still active.

My goal is to try and archive information and screenshots on the game. Hopefully some former players might notice this page and we can start a little community or something.

My Experience With BarbieGirls.com

I had known about BarbieGirls since about 2007, because I was an avid Barbie collector and Barbie.com visitor. I never actually decided to use it until about 2009 or so, I cannot remember exactly. On the homepage there used to be this thing that said "Newest Users", and there was someone on there called "katyana10". When creating my account, I decided to call my avatar "katyana11", then I made a "katyana12" and "katyana13".

After signing up, I added Katyana10, and we chatted a lot through the messaging system. It wasn't really chatting, because you could only send prewritten messages. Katyana10 probably thought that our similar names were a coincidence when I had actually stole it.

I never purchased a VIP membership nor unlocked the Super B Chat (this meant that you could type whatever you want instead of using the premade messages), so my avatar had a wardrobe made entirely of the default clothes, secret code Barbie Fashionista necklaces, and this free item from some scavenger hunt event (that only VIPs could complete). I think you could change the colours and patterns of each outfit, so the customisation options were quite detailed.

There was this cinema I remember using a lot. You could watch Barbie movie trailers and get 20 B Bucks for each one, not that I was able to spend it though! Now that I think about it, it's like the advertising in those modern mobile games where you can get free coins by watching a video, but of course I didn't know that.

Some of my favourite games were Jammin' Hamster (which I mainly used to play on PixelChix.com), Dazzling Designs and that fruit smashing game that I think was a bit like Candy Crush. The fortune teller was also quite fun.

When BarbieGirls closed, I was quite annoyed. They were giving out free BarbieGirls Stardoll clothes, but they were only available to new accounts which sucked because I already had one. I made an account for those outfits but I lost it years ago, it's a shame because I'm pretty sure those items are super rare now and I don't know if you can even sell them in the StarBazaar. (if you have those items please email at hitomitakemurachan@yahoo.co.jp because I'm super interested in them)

I decided to make this site because I just really want to spread the BarbieGirls awareness, and I also just love making new websites. My HTML skills need a bit of work, so I do apologise if everything looks bad. If more people gain an interest in this site, maybe we can have multiple site admins or something.