The early games of were not original, they were from other Mattel sites like and Eventually, they decided to create original ones. Most of these games are gone, "gone" meaning that I cannot find any trace of them. Straight after the closure of BarbieGirls, three of the games were available to play on, Fashion Frenzy, Dazzling Designs and (insert game I cannot remember here). After that page disappeared, only Fashion Frenzy was available on Mattel's website, but now that's been taken down. The word search and fortune teller games I found still playable through a hidden link on itself, but now they just redirect to

Dazzling Designs (my favourite game) was a simulation title where you could design fashions and sell them in your own boutique. I remember it being quite detailed, but unfortunately I will probably never be able to play it again. I can still remember the repeating background music very clearly...

Fashion Frenzy was another shopping themed game. This time you had to direct customers to the right shops before they got angry. You could unlock more departments as you progressed through the game. Guess what? I found a playable version of it here!

There were a lot of VIP exclusive games that I could never play, but other games that I remember include something I think was called "Fruit Smash", the fortune teller and word search games and something to do with plants or bugs. There's also Jammin' Hamster, a Pixel Chix game you can still play by clicking here.