The Archive

Like the title suggests, this place is an archive. This is where I place archived links of and potentially some of the games. Of course, an archive of the actual virtual world isn't going to be found here, but other aspects of the site that don't require logging in, like the homepage.

Please Note: Some of these pages require Flash. I know Flash is being discontinued in most modern browsers, so some of you may have to use an older browser to use them. Sorry. If you don't have Flash enabled, some of these pages will redirect to a "YOU DON'T HAVE FLASH, DOWNLOAD NOW!!" page.

If you have any more links, please email them to me at

2007 BarbieGirls BETA Homepage
(This site has copyright protection in the form of annoying Mattel logos everywhere, but it still works, sort of. Maybe someone can use Chrome's Inspect Element feature to remove them somehow)

2010 BarbieGirls Homepage, mostly working

2011 BarbieGirls Homepage
(This page is stuck loading)

BarbieGirls' "please download Flash" page, 2007

BarbieGirls homepgae, post closure

Fashion Frenzy an old game found on some random flash game site. (I will be archiving this on the Wayback Machine if it ever dies)